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Education during the Republic

No description

Junaleen Karla Rullan

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Education during the Republic

Educational Aims
full realization of democratic ideals and way of life
Curricular Content:
Legal Mandates:
Democracy is predicated upon the intrinsic worth of the individual
Individuals realize their capacities best in social contract
Society is not separated from the individual.
Democracy thrives on change.
fosters persuasion and consensus;
and rejects coercion and indoctrination.
Philippine Education during the Third Republic
Social orientation
Training for occupation
Promotion of democratic nation building
A new thrust on community development
R.A. 139
Board of Textbooks
Public School
screen and approve textbooks (6yrs)
Private School
Book of choice with no objection from Board
R.A. 1079
Civil Service Eligibility
of Teachers
June 15, 1954
Board of National Education (BNE)
June 16, 1954
R.A. 7722
June 14, 1947
BNE to National Board of Education (NBE)
Board's function is now under CHED
R.A. 1265
June 11, 1955
daily flag ceremony
singing of National Anthem
R.A. 1425
June 12, 1956
Life and Works of Dr. Jose Rizal
Noli Me Tangere & El Filibusterismo
R.A. 4007
Elementary education was nationalized
Abolition of matriculation fees
R.A. 4670
June 18, 1966
The Magna Carta for Public School Teachers
Recruitment qualification
Code of Professional Conduct
Teaching load of 6 hours and additional compensation for overtime
Sabbatical Leave with 60% of monthly salary
One-range salary increase upon retirement
freedom to form organizations
R.A. 5447
Special Education Fund and local school board
R.A. 6054
rise of barrio high schools
Dr. Pedro T. Orata
(Father of barrio high school
R.A. 6132
Constitutional Convention
created by President Ferdinand Marcos
presided over by President Macapagal
issued by President Marcos
created Presidential Commission to Study the Philippine Education (PCSE).
Executive Order No. 202
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