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building for the future


Tom de Rooy

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of building for the future

Double click anywhere & add an idea Building for the future Rock Types: Sedimentry


Igneous Sedimentry Rocks Sedimentary rocks are formed when gue amounts of pressure
is forced down on the layers of sedimntcausing the minerals to bond.
Making sedimentary rocks! Types of sedimentry Rocks: Limestone
Shale Uses: Sedimentary Rocks can be used for
Gravel, House hold utensils and
for black boards and chalk. Gypson: Is used to make plaster Limestone: Is cooked to make cement.!s used for
the hard core in the roads surface Sandstone & Limestone Used in the production of glass
as building stone. Shale: Is mixed with sand and used
for bricks. Coal: Burned for energy Igneous Rocks Are Formed when liquid
lava cools down, forming the
rock. it is a crystil structured rock
there are 2 types of igneous rocks
Intrusive extrusive These rocks are formed below the surface Opisite of Intrusive, formed above the earths surface Basalt,granite, punice, obsidian
and gabro are some igneous rocks Igneous rocks are hard so are
very good for building materials
or for gravestones as they do not
wear away easily. Granite For statues and monuments.
Building deceration. Metaphoric Rocks Metaphoric rocks are formed when
large amounts of pressure deep under
the earths surfaceis aplied to sedimentry
or igneous rocks. Marble, skarn slate, schist
granilite are all metaphoric
rocks. Metaphoric rocks are used
as countertops and facings
in buildings. Marble for marble floors,
kitchen benches or statues
and ornaments. Slate is used for roofing tiles
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