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Grand Canal

The chinese Grand Canal

Taylor Bathurst

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Grand Canal

Grand Canal of China
by Taylor Bathurst The canal streches all the way from just outside Beijing to Hangzhou and is over 1,100 miles long. Pollution Problems The canal faced many polution problems, many could not bare to use the canal because it was such an embarrassment. The Chinese government implimented a plan to reduce pollution and improve water quality. With the better conditions, many native plants and aquatic life returned to the canal. Why is it so important? The Grand Canal is a major supply route from the north to the south along the coast of the East China Sea.Each year over 7 million metric tons of grain are transported up and down the canal. This plays a vital role in the transportation of goods and resourses to other parts of the nation. The Canal also providesthe locals as a way of transportation.

The Grand Canal is also a supply of water to the local farmers. Crops are planted on terreces due to the rough terrain. Irrigation is needed to supply the root systems with water.

If only one piece of Chinese culture could remain then the Great Canal should be it. It is so important that if it was never built, many people would suffer. It is very important because it is a supplier of food water and goods throughout the region. Without it, many would not be able to survive. Map

The Canal wal first built in the years 722-481 BC. The emperor of Suzhou had it built as a way to transport goods during his invasion of the state of Qi.

After just three years of work the canal connected the Yangtze River to the Huai River. This section became known as the Han Gou.

From this point on, new sections were created during each dynasty and it soon became as large as it is today.

Facts The Grand Canal uses a lock system in some parts in order to raise and lower boats, depending on the elevation. This system enables the canal to strech across rough terrain without any problems.

The Canals Highest point is 138 feet above sea level thruogh the Shandong Mountains.

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