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Online Legal Research

No description

Jane Cross

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Online Legal Research

Identify Biosphere's Issues

Summarize the Court's Holding and Rationale

Compare to
Gallagher v. City of Clayton
Complete Assignment!
Identify Topic
Figure Out Key Terms

cigarettes, smoke,

ban, prohibit

constitutional rights
Person & Places:

firefighter, work
Select Jurisdiction
Review Results
View List of Cases

Look at Summaries and Search Terms

Check for Correct Year

Select the Best Match

Gather Information
Write down the Case Name & Citation

Read the Case Synopsis

Identify Issues (Skim the Headnotes)

Read Facts

Read the Opinion
Analyze and Compare
Online Legal Research
Legal Research - Module 7
Case Research Assignment

Type Terms in the Search Box
Compile notes
Generate More Limited Search Results
Record Steps in Your Research Process
Critical Reading Techniques
Federal: Supreme Court, Circuit Courts of Appeal, District Court

State: Highest Court, Appellate Court

Specific Court: Tenth Circuit
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