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Coastal Plains Region

No description

Tamplin Anne

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Coastal Plains Region

Natural Texas & Its People
Mountains & Basins Region
Coastal Plains
North Central Plains
Great Plains
Texas is divided into FOUR regions
is the HIGHEST and DRYEST region in Texas
is the largest city in this region.
Mts. & Basins
(because it's far
away from the
Gulf of Mexico)
El Paso
Mts. & Basins have...
desert vegetation
About the
Great Plains:
stretches from the northernmost part of Texas ("the panhandle") down to the northern part of Mexico
Cooler temperatures because of high elevation AND moderate precipitation.
Other Important info:
Located on the east side of Rocky Mountain System
Elevation is higher than North Central Plains, but lower than the Mountains and Basins
Often has long periods of drought
Summers are cooler here than in most parts of TX.
The Puebloan Tribes (Jumano Native Americans) lived in the
Mts. and Basins
Guadalupe Mountain Range (part of the Rocky Mt. System)
El Capitan and Guadalupe Peak (the highest points in Texas
Comanches, Kiowas, Apaches
Nomadic - followed buffalo (food source)
Lived in teepees
(portable homes)

example of ADAPTATION
The best farmland and AGRICULTURE in Texas is in the North Central Plains.
They were both SEDENTARY
Wichitas were MATRILINEAL
One Culture group, the Southeastern Tribes, lived in two different regions and lived in COMPLEX SOCIETIES:
Wichitas lived in North Central Plains

Caddos live in the North Coastal Plains
JUMANO Native Americans
made adobe structures in the
side of cliffs
from dried brick to keep them cool.
example of ADAPTATION
Good Fishing in the southern part of the Coast
The Karankawas and the Coahuiltecans were part of the Gulf Culture.

They were NOMADIC
They lived to hunt
and make war.
The four largest cities in Texas are in the Coastal Plains: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin
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