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The Art of Seduction

Summary of Robert Greene's book

Martin Molin

on 27 February 2010

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Transcript of The Art of Seduction

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Art of Seduction The Seductive Character The Seducer's Victims The Seductive Process Separation - Stirring Interest and Desire Lead Astray - Creating Pleasure and Confusion The Precipice - Deepening the Effect Through Extreme Measures Moving In for the Kill Siren Rake Ideal Lover Dandy Natural Coquette Charmer Charismatic Star The Anti-Seducer - a summary Create a false sense of security - approach indirectly Reformed Rake or Siren Disappointed Dreamer Drama Queen Send mixed signals Appear to be an object of desire Enter their spirit The end
Thank you thrive on people's broken dreams
fulfills fantasies, adventure, romance, etc
requires ability to pay attention to detail
ex. Cassanova The ultimate form of power

Exploits the greatest weakness:
- the desire for pleasure
Portrait Painter:

All their physical
imperfections disappear

Brings out noble qualities
in others, frames them in
a myth, makes them god-
like, immortalizes you fluid, ambiguous, mysterious, elusive
excites bec they cannot be categorized
appeals to people who feel "limited"
usually defined by unique clothing The Orchid:

Prized for its rarity;
it is unlike any flower seems totally self-sufficient and independent
baits and teases with the promise of reward
requires ability to delay satisfaction
orchestrates between hope and frustration

It cannot be grasped
It is dark and mysterious

Chase it and it will flee embodies the longed-for qualities of childhood
spontaneous, sincere, unpretentious, playful
elicits easeness; neutralizes defensiveness The Lamb:

Soft and Endearing

Its weakness is part
of its charm deflect attention from themselves and focus it on their targets
aims at people's vanity and self-esteem
do not argue or complain
draw people in with indulgence and make them dependent The Mirror:

People's lifelong love
affair with their own
image is comfortable
and hypnotic; so feed it

No one sees what is
behind the mirror self-confident, sexual energy, sense of purpose, contentment
it is a presence that excites us
radiates intensity while remaining detached
seems extraordinary and superior The Lamp:

Invisible to the eye, a current
flows through a wire and heats up
the filament inside a glass vessel

...all we see is the glow. have a dreamlike, larger-than-life quality
vague and distant - makes others imagine more than is there
stands out from others through a distinctive and appealing style
is an object of fascination
The Stone Idol:

Worshippers fill the stone with life,
imagining it to have real powers

Its shape allows them to see what
they want to see - a god - but it is
actually just a piece of stone insecure and self-absorbed
lacks subtlety to create the promise of pleasure

Suffocator - clingy
Moralizer - rigid and preachy
Tightwad - cheap
Bumbler - self-conscious
Windbag - talkative, "feeling"
Reactor - over-sensitive
Vulgarian - indiscrete, tactless, no self-control Crab:

survives through
its hardened
shell, but it cannot surprise anyone and has little mobility

its defensive strenght is its supreme limitation. the ultimate fantasy figure and pure pleasure
dangerous and challenging
offers a total release from limitations in life
ex: Cleopatra, Aphrodite, Marilyn Monroe

Fluid and ungraspable

Like the sea, the Siren lures with the promise of infirnite adventure and pleasure unrestrained
master of seductive language
totally devoted to a woman
lives only for passion and love Fire:

Burns with intense desire

Extreme, uncontrollable, and dangerous Victim Theory
Nobody in the world feels complete
When we fall in love, it is often with someone who feels
that gap
Look at the people around you. Forget their social exteriors,
their obvious character traits FOCUS IN ON THEIR GAPS used to be happy-go-lucky and on the prowl
-> spark the old feelings disillusioned with romance
-> give them a part of what they want and they will imagine the rest constant drama in their life
characterized by people who have hurt them
-> give them the mental rough treatment they desire
-> DO NOT offer stability and security Cultivate your dominant
character, what nature has given you. Then add a second or third trait Keep them in suspense Poeticize your presence Disarm through strategic weakness and vulnerability Isolate the victim Prove yourself Stir up the transgressive and taboo Mix pleasure with pain Give them space to fall - the pursuer is the pursued Master the art of the bold move Beware the aftereffects
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