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Determing the theme in literature

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Charlie Harris

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Determing the theme in literature

This how you find the theme with in the story or text.
Symbols & Motifs
Find the connection
Determining the theme in literature
How do You Analyze Poetry
Questions to Ask Yourself(Informational)
What are the issue to address?
What is the purpose of the writing?
What is the outcome/consequence?
How can this affect me and my schema?
How you can use it?
Descriptive Words
Symbols & Motifs
Imagery, personification, repetition, metaphors, characterization, alteration & onomatopoeia
The Five Senses
Determining Central Idea in Informational Text
1st & last Paragraph
What's the thesis?-(look for that)
Questions to ask -relevance
-Why is the author writing this
-Main point that is conveyed
How to Decipher Themes in Different Text
How is it supported?
How is it biased?
Breaking it Down
One you have been able to determine the Central Points, now it is time to break each of those points individually down to a better understanding.
Literary Devices
When you break down the concepts individually, you are able to construct a more concise theme
In order to have a concise theme you need to examine each point and tie them together.
Poetic Themes
Not all literature is the same, so with that said not all themes are the same. In poetry the author tries to make connections. Like informational literature you have to brake down the points but you need to make connections in order to grasp the main idea the author is trying to make.
Different Themes
Each story has it's own genre and because of that you have to have a different process in breaking down the text in order to comprehend the theme.
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