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7 Persuasive Techniques Used in Charity Commericials

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Savannah Groeneveld

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of 7 Persuasive Techniques Used in Charity Commericials

6 Persuasive Techniques Used in
Successful Charity Commercials

Finding a way to get your audience discussing the content of your commercial is vital to the effectiveness of the commercial.

Get the audience talking by:
1. Controversial ideas
2. Humor
3. Unique Narrative
Using "pathos", a persuasive technique that targets the emotions, is one of the most effective ways to persuade the audience.

Target emotions with:
1. Real-life Situations
2. Music
3. Visuals
Create a STRONG Narrative
If the commercial tells a story (narrative), it needs to be:

1. Consistent
2. Meaningful
3. Relevant
Clear "Call to Action"
Scope's "Keep Us Close" Campaign
Listen to the narrative as the commercial plays.

1. Is the speaker/story consistent? How so?

2. Is the story meaningful? Create emotion?

3. Does the story relate to the purpose of the commercial?
Get Your Audience Talking
Water is Life's "First World Problems Anthem"
Target Emotions of Audience
Use Powerful Facts and Statistics
Commercials target the viewers' appeal to logic (logos) by incorporating surprising and/or alarming facts and statistics.

The numbers in statistics provide evidence of and support the message of the commercial.
WaterAid's "The Big Deal Appeal"
the Audience
St John’s Ambulance ‘Helpless’ Campaign
Commercials typically try to persuade viewers to do something - whether it's buy a product or support a cause.

A CLEAR "call to action" is necessary when trying to get viewers to do something.

If the goal is to persuade people to donate,
the "call of action" needs to include the following elements:

1. Sense of Urgency
2. Contact Information
3. Directions to Donate

Oxfam's "It All Starts With You"
"Shocking" the audience is one of the most
effective ways to spark interest and action.

Two methods to "shock" audience:

1. Unpredictable twist in the narrative

2. Irony
(using words that convey the opposite of the literal meaning of the words)
Putting all the Pieces Together
Using what you know...
Refuge's "Support a Friend" Commercial
Learning Objective:

Students will be able to

identify specific persuasive techniques

used in commercials promoting various charities. Students will also

analyze the effects

these techniques have on an audience.
1. Did this commercial cause you to think about "problems" in a new way?

2. Were there parts of this commercial that you considered to be unique?
3. Describe a specific part of this commercial that would likely get people talking about it. What would they say?
1. This commercial targets the viewer's emotions by drawing him or her directly into the dilemma. How is this achieved?

2. What is the tone of the commercial? Colors? Sound effects? How does this trigger certain emotions?

3. How did you feel as you watched this commercial?
1. How are facts and statistics used in this commercial to persuade the audience?

2. List two facts or statistics that stood out to you in the commercial. Do you think the creators wanted you to remember these?

3. Identify one of the three techniques that we've discussed today that was also used in this commercial (in addition to facts and statistics).
1. This commercial has an unexpected twist in the narrative. Describe what happened that was unexpected.

2. What message is the commercial trying to get across to the audience?

3. Identify one of the three techniques that we've discussed today that was also used in this commercial (in addition to facts and statistics).

1. What message did the creators of this commercial want to send to viewers?

2. Explain the next step that the commercial urged viewers to take.

3. Was the "call to action" obvious? Would you know what to do (or how to do it) if you wanted to help?
Discuss which techniques seemed to be the
most effective
(work the best) within the commercials.
As a team, rate each technique from 1-6
(1 being the most effective and 6 being the least effective)
. Justify the assigned rating.
why the technique rated a "1" (by you) is
most effective
. Do you think this is the most persuasive technique used in
all types of advertising
or just related to charities?
Do you have what it takes to persuade?
You and your team are the founders of one of the fastest growing charities in the world. Your charity, "Teens Against Teens #hashtaging", was founded because of an obvious overuse of #hastags, which has been proven to cause depression, insomnia and spikes in anger among teenagers.
Each team member needs to select one of the six persuasive techniques used in commercials for charity.
Brainstorm a "narrative" to use as a commercial to promote your charity "Teens Against Teens #hashtagging"...
Determine how to use the technique that you've selected within the commercial for your charity. Explain how this technique is effective in persuading your audience.
Why are persuasive techniques in charity commercials important?
You might be part of a charity one day and be asked to come up with a way to increase the number of donations...
By knowing how people are persuaded, you are less likely to be influenced by the insane amount of advertising we receive from the media....
These techniques will improve your ability to debate topics and convince others of your ideas and beliefs....
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