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LGFL Annual Conference

No description

neil bradford

on 13 July 2010

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Transcript of LGFL Annual Conference

lgfl annual conference 2010 Roger Larsen
MD Fronter
technolgy has changed the way we learn
but not the way we teach (fully)

Open plan schools in Norway use the
VLE/MLE to glue the the school together

Work for the week picked up via vle
input via lectures in morning lots of independent work
follows ( older students)

presently 300 000 schools in Europe
20 000 with VLEs

believes this decade will see more change in education than 1496

Significance of 1496 ?

Gutenberg bible
fist major book
printed with a moveable type printing press
schools need rigorous change management programs
no teacher left behind!!

technological change will always require bravery
expect doubters and resistance changes on their way
microsoft office free on the internet this summer

cloud computing (everthing on the net)
days for installing on your servers gone very few industries not dependent on the internet
coal/mining education

believes that education will experience dramatic changes
learning to become more and more individualised

ipad perfect tool for schools
online exchange of work
exponential increase in access and sharing of information
fronter aim to make product work like ipad/phone
backed by pearson largest educational publisher in the world three 40 min work shops

Noah Hill Harrow 90 000 monthly logins

Redbridge School from nothing to running the school virtually for 2 weeks

Fronter Master Class
All the latest developments + Q/A
Nower Hill ( secondary ward winner implimentation)
All home support via fronter
extensive content provision
constantly updated
use of shared rooms / class page approach
any digital materials in lessons used always uploaded
quizzes frequently used for student voice
music dept
uploaded relevant music for student to listen to
students own recordings
school production page
songs uploads
casting online

6th form
photos and reports on trips
UCAS pages to support UCAS process
personal statements via hand-in
extensive content/info/forums in every subject other
homework program
staff handbook
lost property
briefing pages
all staff inset
feedack on work via sound recordings most innovative use

ocr mark all media a-level cw
online via fronter

virtual school should mirror
/showcase the real school

a no brainer!!
redbridge school
from no e-learning to running the school virtually for 2 weeks ( 2 years later)

most inset days used
support offered extensively
driven by a fanatic!!
head/smt all behind the push
popular with students from the off
some staff resistance
conditions of service support use of new technology
lgfl input
content/online reporting
LGFL online content
constantly improving
j2e web publishing tool
e-safety updates ks4
200 years worth of guardian/observer
Video central
Gigajam online music school
unified sign on
Network check for connectivity
award winning school
sex education pages via fronter
use of anonymous forums
70 -80 questions over 1 weekend
pregnacy rates down online reporting
fronter developed to read all MIS
SLG replaced by fronter
reads attendance/behaviour/assessments
we control what is viewed fronter masterclass
pages/hand-in/quizzes being developed
web 2 upgrade ( Works like J2e)
drag and drop
20 files linked on a page 5 mins
ability to edit items on web
other technical improvements Lord David Putnam

pitiful ict provision in schools
power of www immense
digital age provides greater
opportunities to learn than ever

LGFL services believes the definition of a good teacher will change
responsible students still key
engagement the key to great teaching/relevant
tools exist to make education exciting
schools must harness and embed technology

warned of a growing disconnect
schools may be seen as unconnected to future life
students powering down in school
challenges must be relevant young people need education more than ever
given problems the world faces q/a

bsf : gov should still invest heavily
assessment: schools not trusted by gov reflections
way ahead of most (but not all) schools in most e-respects
we have the right infra-structure
appetite to discover and use digital tecgnology strong amongst some staff
raising awareness of many new tools ( some being used)
we must plan to engage students through tools that reflect their experience
outside of schools (j2e desk top publishing works like computer gaming)
plan for outcomes (methods maybe come out of date before you have finished writing them!!)
i.e students to use digital-skills to present effectivley to an audience ( not present using Power-Point/Prezi etc)
fronter as we know it will soon be obsolete

history of schooling usual photos
geared to the needs of the day
1 to 30 traditional model outdated
very few people working in factories
ability to work independently with a range of web tools increasingly relevant to new industries
quoted Fiona Mullan, HR director of Microsoft Ireland

“We need to begin with our teachers. If they have access to continuous professional development they can ignite that spark and thirst for knowledge that we hope will encourage students to continue the development of their e-skills which will be vital for success in any career."

actions (1 to 3 years)
exploit lgfl content
move from exercise book to e-portfolio
ensure class pages are used for resources/collaboration/communication
promote use of a wide range of web tools in lessons
don't over commit to any product/purchase
research the web for free stuff!!
more online assessment (for diagnostics
Change Management

digital literacy to form a large part of CPD
review approach to CPD (hospitals allow 1 day off a week for CPD)
online INSET
does all inset have to be in school for everyone?
re-define PPA (could part of this time could be use to e-skill?)
review use of 1265 hrs
build in an allowance for independent developement
upgrade expectation of staff use of technology in the classroom

at least 1 or 2 PDR targets
improved online provision to support everything we do leading to
all resources to go the net
turn off student/staff shared drives
allow/encourage use of personal devices
increased use electronic display ( every classrrom
independent study time for KS4 students Performance management

agility and flexibility key (not easy in large institutions not least education)
expect and continue to prepare for rapid change
digital literacy at the heart of this
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