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The battle of Trenton

No description

cordova wyne

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of The battle of Trenton

Part of the american revolution
The battle of Trenton
So what was the battle of Trenton?
So what all happened in the end?
Well the british surrendered to the americans giving Washington's first victory in the american revolution as for the british most were killed trying to retreat or find cover.
Who commanded both of the sides?
Well you guessed it, on the american side General George Washington and on the british was Hessian Colonel Rahl.
Now lets get in to that info, The exact location of the battle was the Delaware River and there was roughly 2.5k americans and 1.4k British.
But why did the battle happen in the first place?

Mostly because it was the right time Theory and suspicions said that the Hessian were drunk and tired from celebrating Christmas hours ago before the battle but Washington did not know this so the main reason was Washington fought early in the morning for a surprise attack.
The battle of Trenton was a small but important battle in the American Revolution That happened on December 26th, 1776 in Trenton new jersey.
The battle at Trenton lasted a couple days but combined with the battle he has a couple days after its a battle lasting 10 days.
By:cordova wyne mr gooogs period 1 class
A short video of what we went over or anything that i missed
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