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Shutter Island - Psychological concepts

No description

Andreas Rocopos

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Shutter Island - Psychological concepts

Discourse Analysis of the film “Shutter Island”(2010)

spoiling the plot
Film set in the 50's
Hospital Ashecliffe in Shutter Island
Psychiatrists are divided into two schools
Why does he suffer
He couldn't bare the fact that he killed his wife
He created imaginary identities
He creates a new world
does not accept the truth
Delusional Disorder
According to DSM
Suffers from Grandiose and Persecutory Delusional Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Re-experiencing symptoms
Flashbacks reviving the trauma
Bipolar Disorder
episodes of depression: low, lethargy
episodes of mania: high, overactive

those in favor of psychosurgery
Dr. Naehring
those in favor of psychopharmalogical treatment
humanistic approach
Dr. Cawley
to cure Andrew Laeddis
Former WW2 veteran
Former US Marshal
Killed his wife because she drowned their children
He has been two years in the clinic
Anagram of his name:
Andrew Laeddis to Edward "Teddy" Daniels
US Marshal on a mission to Shutter Island to find Rachel Solando. A patient escaped from the institution

Rachel Solando
Anagram of his wife's name
Dolores Chanal
War widow interned to clinic for drowning her 3 children
Laeddis (his own surname)
set "Teddy's" appartement of fire
His wife died
he has beaten up an inmate for calling him Laeddis
he is danger to anyone that tries to tell him the truth.
When he hears about lobotomies he thinks there is a conspiracy in the hospital and his mission is to uncover it
he thinks the goverment operates experiments on patients
he causes problems, disorder and he turns violent
the only solution is to lobotomize him
this approach is supported by Dr. Naehring
Dr. Cawley insist to give him one last chance
He suggest a role play of all the people of the institution
to let Laeddis live in his fantasy world
and realize that it cannot be true
he wants to free him from his fantasy once and for all
Dr. Sheehan is his primary Doctor
plays the role of his new partner to investigate
the case of Rachel Soland
So that someone can track all his moves
Grandiose DD
delusions of inflated worth, power, knowledge, identity or special relationship to a deity or a famous person
fits this profile as the patient believes he is a US Marshal with a special mission
to find a missing woman
uncover secret government operations
Persecutory DD
Imagines he or a person that is close to him is being malevolently treated
fits the definition
thinks the doctors lie to him
hiding him the truth about experiments
Avoidance Symptoms
Feeling strong guilt
Has trouble remembering the traumatizing event
Hyper arousal symptoms
Being easily startled
feeling tense or “on edge”

Critical analysis
symptoms fit every profile of psychological disorder
Inaccuracy A
DD's diagnosis does not specify that functioning is not markedly impaired
Why he doesn't recognize people and places
he is there for 2 years
Memory damage?
Inaccuracy B
The only symptoms of DD that overlap with Schizophrenia are tactile and olfactory delusions if consistent with his primary delusion that he is a Marshal
However he experiences hallucinations relevant with his PSTD (post stress traumatic disorder)
Biased view of psychological methods
experimental psychology: evil, inhuman
humanistic psychology: good
Labeling experimental psychology bad due to the lobotomies in the 50's
Although this school of therapy served a lot to psychiatry
Thank you for your attention...
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