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The first american party


Brandon Funk

on 2 November 2009

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Transcript of The first american party

The first american party Objectives:
To preserve and protect our people and our sovereignty
To promote economic growth and independence
To encourage the triditional values of faith family and responcibility
To ensure equality beforethe law in protecting those rights granted by the Creator
To clean up our corrupted political system legal immigration Immigraion has escelated to over one million each nyear
thats the highest it has ever been in american history
they expect that the population will exceed
400 million by 2050 this will over croud schools therefore the America first party supports a temporary
band on all immigration except for spoues and minor children of U.S.A. citizens, for a period
of ten years thereafter restoring America's traditional level of legal immigration at a
limit of 250,000 a year the America first party strongly
supports the traditional family as ordained
by god and built upon the marital union of one
man and one woman. they believe that there should be an amendment
that says one man and one woman only Adoption America first party is against abortion want to make laws that will "make it easier for a qualified mother
and father to open their herats and homes to children unwanted
by their birth parents" too man y children are stuck in a over crowded
foster house because they arent wanted "three of the greatest tragedies that affect both our nation and indivigual families are the slaughter of unwanted children in the womb the pain of those families who are unable to
have children of their own and the woefull way we treat unwanted children who are allowed
to be born" Privacy rights they are strongly for persional privacy and believe that no
government body domestic or forign shall have anyauthority
to abuse these rights "The privacy rights include but are most certianly
not limited to living on our own land w/o
interfierence, to worship at the manner of our
cfhoice, to rear our children with love and understanding
, to work where and how we wish, to have guns to protect
ourself and our loved ones according our second
ammendment rights, to fredom of speach and pressw and
all fredoms granted to us by the creator and guarenteed to us
under the constitution of the United States of America". The american first party limitation of federal law enforcement the american first party believe that
"it shal be the position of the american
firsty party that national law enforcement
agencies be restricted to protective services
local and state resource agencies and
investigative agencies to the limitation that
arrests and search powers rest with local
and state authorities". Marriage History From
michigan mr. Mike
Eller was the
candidate for
president in the 2008
election. the america first party was formed in
2002. it was formed on the evening of
april15 2002 just after ending their state
parties allong with affiliation with the
reform party. they had representives from
Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa,
Mississippi, New Hampshire and Tenessee.
They adopted the statement of principals that saturday after it was formed. those principals where used in the Reform party of 2001.
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