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No description

jen baiocco

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Brain

What are the divisions of your nervous system? CNS

PNS Let's study the CNS What structures make up the CNS? brain
spinal cord What is the function of the CNS? to send mesages

process messages

relay messages

spinal cord- sends messages to/from brain protective covering The brain process information cerebrum
controls voluntary actions (thining, memory, walking) How many lobes is the
cerebrum divided into? frontal temporal occipital parietal memory
thought spatial vision hearing cerebellum-
controls balance & coordination brainstem- controls involuntary actions
heart rate
blood pressure pons medulla thalamus-
"operator" of the brain
receivess messages from the spinal cord
sends them to cerebrum hypothalamus-
controls hunger, thirst, temperature pituitary gland
master gland
makes nine different hormones pineal gland
makes hromone melatonin
regulates sleep/wake cycle Are you left brained or right brained?
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