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Tracks: Lesson 4 - Linking key scenes to themes

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Liam Brooks

on 17 July 2018

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Transcript of Tracks: Lesson 4 - Linking key scenes to themes

Theme: Idealism vs materialism
Quiz on
Into the Wild
1. Test conditions. Nothing on the table. No talking. No cheating.

2. We have 15 minutes.

Key themes in
Into the Wild
Identity and belonging
Women's rights/feminism
Indigenous rights/social justice
Nature vs modernity
Idealism vs materialism
Isolation and intimacy
Arrogance, ignorance and innocence
LI: To link key scenes to themes.

SC: Students will be able to analyse how themes are evident in key scenes using textual evidence to support their claims.
Tracks: Lesson 4 - Linking key scenes to themes
Recap: What are the key themes in
1. Working in groups of four.

2. Make a list of as many relevant themes as you can think of.

3. We have 5 minutes.

4. Class discussion to follow.
Linking key scenes to themes
Key theme:
Idealism versus materialism
Think, pair, ink

Part A
1. Working in pairs initially.
2. Choose
of the above themes and discuss how it is evident in both texts. Pay close attention to textual evidence to support your claims (scenes, events, quotes).
3. You have five minutes.

Part B
1. Working individually.
2. Write a paragraph about how the theme is evident in both texts. Use TEEL structure and incorporate relevant and compelling textual evidence.
3. You have 20 minutes.
4. Class discussion to follow.
'Back there, this would just be another disguise. Back there, there was no nakedness, no one could afford it. Everyone had their social personae well fortified until they got so drunk and stupid that there nakedness was ugly. Now why was this? Why did people circle one another, consumed with either fear or envy, when all that they were fearing or envying was an illusion? Why did they build psychological fortresses and barriers around themselves that would take a Ph.D. in safe-cracking to get through, which even they could not penetrate from the inside? And once again, I compared European society with Aboriginal. The one so archetypally paranoid, grasping, destructive, the other so sane. I didn't want ever to leave this desert.' - 'Tracks', p.197.
Activity: Think, pair, share

1. Working in pairs.
2. Discuss how the theme of idealism versus materialism is evident in these two scenes/passages (or other ones in the texts).
3. We have 5 minutes.
4. Class discussion to follow.
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