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The Future of Laptops and Computers


lau hol

on 8 November 2009

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Transcript of The Future of Laptops and Computers

The Future of Laptops and Computers Computers Now So boring Future Amazing Wow The computers can fold
up from your basic look: To a touch screen pocket
sized machine. New Old It organises work, folders and more. Access to internet and progams. Personal
Machines Even more
futuristic... Its a personal computer
shaped as a ball It shapes into a standing up ball with legs and then projects the screen above it It is also the smallest design ever, even against laptops and computers It is entirely a ball with a detatchable mouse. It has the basic functions; mouse, keyboard, Film player, internet, etc. More on it... Super Future Basic Mobile phones! Phones now are pretty basic and are beggining to become complex. Most are flip up / slide up but some phones are touch screen. It is quite new to us and has only been introduced about 3 years ago. Now New Now The iphone is the newest thing around and is the future of technolgy. Its a touch screen organiser / phone/ camara. Its size, weight and thinness shows us a little sneak of what is up ahead. Its made by apple and is the most popular phone today. Phone Future Burst Projector Concept Cell Phone Proposal for LG Burst is a futeristic phone design with an inbuilt projecter which is touch screen. It can project images onto any type of flat surfaces and project HD full colour touch spaces showing applications and menus. Today computers Able to save work and store files but not great amount. Can hold and save some memory. You can play a low graphics and low memory game. LG Orange Samsung Sony Nokia The pocket size machine is not only touch screen but has senses so you can play on it by moving the phone. It has good sound and motion sensors to capture as well as using interation appliances inside the touch space. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 Practically a combined 2 of the Iphone and the LG phone, its a thin touch screen with a underneath slide up and a quick internet, it's a phone for people who are always connected. Has access to internet, email, calling and much more. Definitly it works of the Iphone and has the same concepts. Clover Eco-Sensitive Mobile Phone Tactility Mobile Phone Dessigned for
Blind People It does the same but faster, more modern and it is much more clearer. Also the computers and Laptops are much more smaller. They are more interactive and most are touch screen. It's a touch screen phone that is very small and is like the phones today but its faster and more upgraded. This a specially designed phone just for blind people. It only has numbers because that's all they need but it has the numbers they understand. Its not too small and very clear. By
Laura Holden Its also eco-friendly. Its got a touch sensitive keypad and screen.
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