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Final Project CSC 124 oconnor


joe kennedy

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Final Project CSC 124 oconnor

Ambulances havent change
much over the years Just newer and different looking body styles This is all going to change soon The Future is Near Maybe more intricate lighting Off-road capabilieties Maneuverability On-the-go
room "Up to 50% of people who dial 911 in an emergency could be treated at home by a rare breed of paramedic, an Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP)." "They have been trained with the skills needed to treat and diagnose a patient on scene rather than run them to a hospital." This is where the shell concept can help out This concept has a removable shell This shell can slide off
the main vehicle Creating and expandable treatment center Can be left on the scene for
extended periods of time This means people can be
at home rather then being
at a hospital away from friends
and family Very similiar to how
in house doctor calls
use to be Much more comforting for the patient THERE ARE MANY EMERGENCIES
HARD TO REACH AREAS. sO HOW DOES AN AMBULANCE LIKE THIS gET TO THE PATIENT... This ambulance is very manuvarable and small It is also equiped with off-roading tires All this allowing for easy acces in hard to reach areas But theres more The ambulance is also equipped with a pop out silicone tent This creates an area for paramedics to work no matter
where the ambulance is located. Very useful in rural areas that are very far away from hospitals Its only a dream Never worry about how long it will take an ambulance to reach a patient This concept was built for speed Where will this Ambulance be useful? War Zones EARTHQUAKES Hurricanes DISASTER AREAS tHIS AMBULANCE IS CAPABLE OF DRIVING OVER VERY ROUGH TERRAIN... aT INCREDIBLE SPEEDS Could you get to the patient any faster then this? YES! These ambulances are also equipped with ejector style seats WHY? Why does an ambulance need... ... James Bond ejector seats? When the paramedic gets to the scene... ... They can be launched into the action with all there gear The emergency transport system is changing drastically Each of these concepts will help tremendously In saving numerous lives BUT FOR NOW... Who is trapped in here? It would be very diffucult But it would be very easy for one of the new concept ambulances Any Questions?
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