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From Every End of This Earth

No description

Kylie Mitchell

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of From Every End of This Earth

Every End
of This
Pablo Romero

Pablo Romero
Pablo is from Santa Rosa Jauregi, Mexico. At the age of 11, Pablo finished the sixth grade and dropped out of school. He then went to work at a brick factory where he made only ten pesos or about eighty cents, for a 12 hr shift. His job was to hall bricks from the ovens and stack them up in the waiting trucks. Pablo went to medical school later in his life. After he completed three years of residency at Natividad Medical Center, Pablo set up a private practice near the hospital, the Santa Lucia Medical Group. The hospital was established with two other Latino doctors to help and treat other immigrants.
What we learned
1. Work hard
2. Follow your dreams
3. Never give up
4. Don't forget your purpose in life.
Story Summary
The story is told through Pablo.
Romero family is in Mexico.
Traveled to Salinas
Pablo went to a joined the army then went to university
Pablo joined different clubs and realized he wanted to
attend medical school.
He then studied for a few years and graduated.
He set up his own practice, later got married, had 3 kids,
and became a doctor who treats other immigrants
like himself.
Vincente Romero
Vicente (Pablo's dad) is from Mexico. His family ran a small inn for travelers and he dropped out of school after his dad died. He worked in sugar beet and crop fields in Colorado, Arizona, and Montana growing up. He later left his family in 1950 (same year Pablo was born) and moved to California to look for work. He worked in a town called Salinas where Pablo later joined him. He and Pablo both, went back and forth between California and Mexico looking to work for money to help the family.
Main characters
1. Pablo Romero
2. Vicente Romero
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