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Marco Bella

on 23 August 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Storyline is an e-learning authoring software that provides a high number of features to create interactive online and mobile courses
Result Slides
Articulate Storyline
ICTS study group - April 2014
Build slides from scratch or start from a
With just a few clicks, you can insert
, then
change their poses and
Intuitive User Interface
Most of the work in Storyline will happen at the Insert tab
Story View is the project structure view:

- shows big picture of
your course

- groups and shows slides
into scenes

- lets alter relationships
between slides by
moving the lines and
arrows connecting
Content Importing
Easily import content from Microsoft PowerPoint
Story View
States, Triggers, Slide layers
Lightboxes, hotspots

add intelligence to the course by presenting dynamic content based on a user’s activity
Slide's objects react to the user's actions according to their settings
Create assessments, surveys, and interactions—as well as displaying feedback and results to let learners know how they performed
Screen recording
Records full video to show what the user should learn (i.e software tutorial)
Customize player
Inserting and Customizing Quiz Slides
Question Editor
Drag-and-Drop Interactions
As a video / As a step-by-step demonstration
Templates & Characters
Customize the player
The player is the interface that appears around the perimeter of slides.

Easily customize the player that users use to view your course content.
Storyline provides a wide range of publishing formats:

- Web: course accessible via
internet/intranet but not

- LMS (or Articulate online)
to track progress

The output is based on SCORM standard -> The SCORM standard makes sure that all e-learning content and LMSs can work with each other (just like the DVD standard makes sure that all DVDs will play in all DVD players)
Publish the course
Any questions?
Thank you
As in PowerPoint, you have
slide master
By combining all of these elements, the developer can create easy or complex interactions
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