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Risk Taking in Teens

No description

Samuel Kilpatrick

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Risk Taking in Teens

By Samuel Kilpatrick & William Hopkinson Teen Risk Taking and Smoking Risk Taking What do you think is the biggest risk facing teens today? Which risk would you take? Teenage Drinking Samuel & William 9E Most people consider bullying to be the biggest issue facing adolescents. We speculate that this is because it effects nearly everyone throughout their life and nearly everyone has been guilty of it during some stage of their life. By looking at this graph we see that most people would prefer to lose their wifi for a month than cliff jump. While the wifi option was split relatively evenly, all the people who chose to jump were adolescents. This is possibly because most teenagers do not have a fully developed frontal lobe and their decision making is not as good as an adults. This survey concluded that many overestimate how much today’s youth are drinking. The fact that 20 percent of people aged 13-17 are drinking today is discouraging, especially considering the long term side effects. Cigarettes In general most students and teachers tested said that they thought cigarettes were too easy to get. Luckily the government is recently starting to restrict the availability and increasing the warning signs. What's in a Cigarette? Would you consume any of these chemicals normally? No, Then why would you choose to smoke, knowing full well that every puff is full of dangerous chemicals like these? Sources www.google-images.com
Australian Government Brochures - Smoking Kills & Deadly Drugs
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