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LA Street Vendor Campaign

No description

Rudy Espinoza

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of LA Street Vendor Campaign

Finally Will you help us? Will you help street vendors
all over the City? We need new policy.
We need support systems for these entrepreneurs. What's the problem? The Los Angeles
Street and Sidewalk Entrepreneurs Initiative Street Vending (or Sidewalk Vending) is illegal in Los Angeles. (yup, it's true)
There are an estimated 10,000 street vendors in Los Angeles.
Many of these vendors are women and chronically unemployed. They are not criminals. What's the Solution? New Policy for Los Angeles.
Provide Permits for Street Vendors.
Incentivize the Sale of Healthy Food.
Capital and education for vendors to grow their business.
Partnerships with local businesses. What we're already doing about it... We're engaging communities all over the City through "town halls."
We're talking to City Councilmembers to share our proposal.
We're informing allies all over the City and putting up new info on www.streetvendorsforla.org What would these solutions do? 1. Create jobs!
2. Bring healthy food to "food deserts."
3. Make our streets safer! But we need your help! Businesses are an important ally. We believe street vendors and brick-and-mortar businesses can work together for better communities.
We also need to support street vendors. Because they are often very low-income, they can't get the assistance & capital they need. They need their very own Venture Capitalist! JUST IMAGINE!!! LA in 2050 with: Bustling streets with people out and about. Happy people. Safe Streets.
Healthy food being sold on mobile carts, on sidewalks and public spaces. Good and affordable food.
Opportunities for everyone to start businesses when they can't find a job. Can't find a job? Make your own. LA should be a place with opportunity for everyone! Including street vendors! Our ideas for LA2050: Recruit a "street team" of neighborhood residents to engage small businesses and get them involved in creating good policy that supports street vendors and a healthy business community.
Create our own fund to support the growth of street vending businesses. We want to start "Venture Capital for the 'Hood." Flexible capital to support the ideas of entrepreneurs in low-income areas of Los Angeles. Want to see more? Articles? Media clips?
Go to www.streetvendorsforla.org
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