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Sinusoidal Temperatures in Calgary,Canada

No description

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Sinusoidal Temperatures in Calgary,Canada

Sinusoidal Temperatures in Calgary,Canada
By: Saif Ali PD.2

Description and Location of Calgary
Calgary is in the province of Alberta, Canada and is situated in the Rocky Mountains. The rural area of Calgary is basically covered in snow in the winter and there are mountains everywhere. The greenery in Calgary is extraordinary as it is almost never interfered by human contact or by the polluting industries. A perfect example that depicts the scenery of Calgary would be the fictional world of Narnia. Moving away from the rural to the more hectic urban side of Calgary, it still is magnificent nonetheless. Having been to Calgary myself, I can say that the urban life is just like living in Downtown, with less people of course, and the rural life is very peaceful and pleasant, maybe even a perfect retirement option if you don't mind the cold weather.
Places to Visit
Although there are many places to visit in Calgary, why not begin where it all started at Fort Calgary? This obviously is a historic landmark. Here they try to give an authentic feel of the fort back when it was made in 1875. It in a sense is like an interactive museum which also comes with an informational tour. This is recommended for all ages.
If you are more of a family person and are bored of museums, why not visit the zoo? At the Calgary zoo, they have over 1000 animals, they have a special exhibit for specially made for penguins(since everyone loves penguins), they have a large expanse of land where you can see forest animals such as otter, bears, foxes,etc.in a forested area, and lastly you can feel as if you are in Jurrasic Park by visiting the Prehistoric Park where replicas of various dinosaurs are scattered around the designated area.
Works Cited
History Of Calgary
In 1875, a group of Canadian police found an area that seemed ideal to establish a fort and perhaps a city. The officers wanted to name their fort, and an officer named Colonel James McLeod decided to call it Calgary after his own home. In 1883, the railroad boom caused many farmers and ranchers to come to Calgary due to its soft and fertile soil. The Canadian Government, in 1884 ,decided to make Calgary a city due to an overwhelming population, at the time, of 4,000 people. In 1914, people started to move to Calgary after hearing of news of oil, like the Dingman well. In 1924, the suspicions about oil were true, in fact, the Dingman well wouldn't start drying up until 1927. The Great Depression affected Calgary like any other city and it ended in 1939. In the 1950s to 60s, the population boomed from 100,000 to 350,000. Calgary remained dependent on oil and agriculture to provide for its economy. Calgary continued to prosper with OPEC raising oil prices causing another boom in population, 3000 people moving in every month, and economically. However like other cities, its boom only lasted up until 1982 where the boom was becoming a recession, where many people actually moved out of Calgary. Looking at the present, Calgary doesn't look like its former country,farming looking self anymore, rather, more like Houston, a more urban Calgary.
Sources of Income
Like it was in 1914, Calgary is still one of the world's largest oil producing cities and therefore oil is one, if not the largest, source of income for Calgary. In fact, Calgary is Canada's powerhouse for energy and gas production.
Lately, Calgary's economy has been diversifying to fields like logistics, transportation, finance and business, etc. and is still diversifying. Due to the downtown Houston-like urban environment, the "city" is perfect for opening businesses,financial buildings, and the large skyscrapers seen in many large cities in the U.S. With more businesses in Calgary, the influx of capital isn't only concentrated in one business or type of industry but more spread out and more evenly distributed, like a good economy should be.
These 2 sources of income help Calgary become self sufficient with power, as well as allow a steady flow of money to help Calgary prosper.
Places to Visit Cont...
If you are a adrenaline junkie or love attraction parks, I would recommend you visit the Canadian equivalent of Six Flags called Calaway Park. With many 30+ rides and other attraction this is a must go place. The park offers overnight places to stay such as a RV park and campgrounds just in case you didn't ride on all the rides.
Why I Chose Calgary
As I mentioned earlier in the description of Calgary, I have gone to visit Calgary and I really enjoyed it. Knowing that temperatures vary alot from winter to summer I thought it would be ideal to use this city for a sinusoidal project. Also because I have already gone to some of the attractions that I mentioned earlier, it influenced me to choose Calgary since it is the next city I have the most knowledge on after Sugar Land.
Fort Calgary
Calaway Park
Calgary Zoo
Table of Average Monthly Temperatures (F)
15 F
21 F
28 F
39 F
49 F
57 F
62 F
60 F
51 F
42 F
27 F
17 F
My Model and The Regression Model(Calculator)
My Model:y=23.5sin⁡(π/6 (x-4))+38.5

Regression Model made by the calculator:y=23.382sin(0.506x-1.994)+38.227
Comparision between Hand Made Model vs Calculator Regression model
Looking at the hand model vs. the computer generated sinusoidal regression model, we can see that both the amplitude(a value) and the middle(d value) are fairly close values which means both models must be similar, however, we must compare the b and c values first in order to deduce this. The b value and c values, at first glance, are very different. However, if you look carefully, you can see that the calculator model didn't factor out the b value from x and the c value, which causes mistakes if one isn't careful. If we factor it out our b value for the calculator model would be .506, compared to .524 in the hand model, and the c value for the calculator model would be -3.941, compared to -4 in the hand model. So now since all a,b,c,and d values are similar, we can say both are almost identical. When I look at the two side by side, both fit the raw data points almost perfectly and they are very identical.
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