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Orca Whale

No description

jack dunham

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Orca Whale

Orcinus Orca
Orca Whale
Orcas are found in every ocean in the world
Natural Environment/Territory
Orca whales are not considered endangered but one group of them is protected by law. This group is called the Southern Resident Killer Whales
Life Span/Endangered Status/Reasons
Orcas have no predators once entering adult life, they also feed on everything from bony fish to elephant seals. Orcas are at the top of the food chain.
Feeding/Predation/Digestive Habits
The current Killer Whale or Orca whale got its roots from what was the O.Citonensis, which was from about five million to two million years ago
They can live in cold and warm climates
Sleeping Habits
Orca whales are diurnal, but when they sleep only half their brain goes to sleep so they can catch their breath
Defense Habits
Orca whales have their size and large teeth as an advantage, but they don't need to defend often because they are on top of the food chain.
Reproduction/Mating/Courtship/Rearing Young
Orcas don't really have a mating season.
They reproduce about every 5 years, the male goes under the female and flips his body up side down for reproduction
Communication Habits
Orcas communicate through a series of clicks and other noises. We don't know what the clicks and noises mean when it comes to speaking to other orcas
Physical Features
Orcas have an average size of about 28ft for males and 22ft for females. The biggest male ever recorded was 32ft!!! He was also 22k pounds.
Miscellaneous Facts
The orca named Shamu was the first orca to preform for sea wolrd

Male orcas never leave their mothers

Shamu's mom was shot with a harpoon in front of her then her body was filled with rocks and thrown to the bottom of the ocean.

Did you have a whale of a time? (orcas are dolphins)
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