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5 of my favorite TV shows/Movies

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Trina Nguyen

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of 5 of my favorite TV shows/Movies

5 of my favorite TV shows
Hetalia: Axis Powers
Sword Art Online
Ouran High School Host Club
Kiku's Delivery Service

Italy - Daisuke Namikawa - Todd Haberkorn

Germany - Hiroki Yasumoto - Patrick Seitz
Japan - Hiroki Takahasi - Christopher Bevins
America - Katsuyuki Konishi - Eric Vale
English Sub (Japanese)
Hetalia: Axis Powers
Voice Actors of Main characters

English Dub
China - Yuki Kaida - Clarine Harp
English Sub (Japanese)
English Dub
France - Masaya Onosaka - J Michael Tatum
Russia - Yasuhiro Takato - Jerry Jewell
Hetalia is about the countries of the world. Except the countries are actually people.
They repeat history. Such as World War 1 and World War 2
In Hetalia, a lot of the countries of the world are introduced.
Even though there are many countries in Hetalia, 8 of those countries are the main characters.
This anime is about a group of high school girls who play in a band.
They create several J-Pop songs, practice, and play in their own concerts. (What I mean is that the voice actors sing the songs)
There are several funny and cute moments in the anime.
Out of those main characters, there are two teams.
team, and the
The first team is the Axis team. The main countries that make up this team are Italy, Germany, and Japan.
The first team is the Axis team. The main countries that make up this team are Italy, Germany, and Japan.
The other team is the Allies. The countries that make up the Allies are America, China, Russia, England, and France.
The 5 girls are
Yui Hirasawa
Ritsu Tainaka
Mio Akiyama
Tsumugi Kotobuki
Azusa Nakano
Yui is a childish, happy girl who loves sweets. She is very lazy and clumsy but she is funny and makes everyone laugh. She plays the guitar.
Ritsu is a tomboyish girl. She is childish like Yui and always wants to have fun. She loves playing pranks on people and is very brave. Ritsu plays the drums.
Mio is a very mature girl. She is very insecure and gets scared easily. She is shy yet hard working. Mio gets good grades and is helpful. Her instrument is the bass
Tsumugi is a very calm, sweet girl. Her nickname is Mugi. Mugi is very kind and polite to others and never loses her temper. She plays the keyboard.
Azusa is a mature and cute character. She is the youngest member of the band. She is very serious but is a very happy person. Azusa gets very lonely easily. Her instrument is the guitar.
Some of the songs they sing are
Fuwa Fuwa Time
U & I
Don't Say Lazy
Cagayake Girls!
My Love is a Stapler
The main character is Italy. Italy is a childish guy who is obsessed with pasta. He loves art and is good at cooking. He is very kind to other countries. Italy has to rely on other countries such as Germany, because he can't do things by himself. He is very clumsy but is always happy. His hair is brown and he has a curl on the side of his head. His eyes are brown, but they are closed most of the time.
Germany is a strict, tough character. He gets annoyed by Italy many times, but forgives him in the end because they are good friends. He actually is very kind at times. Alot of people are scared of Germany because he is one of the tallest characters and is intimidating. He is very strong and wins almost all of his battles. Germany has to watch after Italy since Italy is always clumsy and tends to lose focus. His hair his blond and his eyes are blue.
Japan is a very calm, mature country. He is my favorite character. Japan has an ability to "read the atmosphere and refrain from speaking". His emotions rarely show and he is described as "mysterious". He is very curious about the cultures of other countries and loves learning about them. Japan loves animals. He usually spends his time alone with his dog, or reading manga. His hair is a jet black and his eyes are brown and "emotionless".
China is the oldest country. He is very mature and tries to act like an older brother to the other countries. Unfortunately, China isn't taken seriously. He is good at cooking and is very wise. China has a soft spot for cute things. He is very strong and is quite happy. Pandas are something he loves. He carries one in a basket on his back. His eyes and hair are brown, and has a ponytail.
France is a guy who thinks highly of himself. He thinks he is better than everyone else and refers himself as attractive. England and France always get into fights. France always wears clothes he thinks are fashionable. France used to be a strong country, but now is focused on attracting tourists to his country. He enjoys gazing a beautiful scenery. France has shoulder length blond hair and has blue eyes. Many fans think of him as a funny character.
America is one of the funniest characters in Hetalia. He is an egotistical character who calls himself "The Hero". America eats a lot of hamburgers and drinks a lot of soda. He loves watching movies and playing video games. America is always happy and stays positive. He is very cheerful and energetic. America often gets into other people's business and doesn't have many friends however. He is obsessed with happy endings and heroes. His hair is blond and his eyes are blue. He has glasses and on the back of his jacket there is the number "50" which represents the 50 states.
England is a very mature character. He uses British vocabulary such as "bloody". Even though England tries, he is a very bad cook. He also loves tea. England sometimes practices black magic and sees magical creatures such as fairies. He often is alone and pretty distant. England has blond hair and green eyes. His eyebrows are also very thick.
Russia is the tallest country. He may seem bighearted and innocent, but he can be mischievous. Russia is shy and unsociable around people he doesn't consider friends. A lot of countries are scared of him because of his height and somewhat scary personality. He was tormented in his childhood, seeing many tragedies and wars. Sunflowers are something he loves. Russia has white hair and violet-blue eyes. He wears large clothing and wears a huge scarf.
My favorite scene was when all the countries were at a meeting and then after a few minutes everyone was yelling and arguing and causing commotion., especially France and England.Then Germany yells at everyone to be quiet and says whoever wants to speak has eight minutes and no one else can talk. Italy raises his hand and shouts, "Pasta!" This was the first episode with all the countries and each country that appeared had their flag next to them.
England - Noriaki Sugiyama - Scott Freeman
The titles of
of their songs are:
Fuwa Fuwa Time
U & I
Cagayake Girls!
Don't Say Lazy
My Love is a Stapler
Voice Actors
Yui Hirasawa - Aki Toyosaki - Stephanie Sheh
English Sub (Japanese)
English Dub
Ritsu Tainaka- Satomi Sato - Cassandra Lee Morris
Mio Akiyama - Yoko Hikasa - Christina Valenzuela
Tsumugi Kotobuki - Minako Kotobuki - Shelby Allison Lindley
Azusa Nakano - Ayana Taketatsu - Christine Marie Cabanos
My favorite scene was when Azusa joins the band. Yui and Ritsu are saying that Azusa is cute and puts cat ears on her.
Sword Art Online
This anime takes place in the year 2022. The Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG), Sword Art Online (SAO), is released. Basically, it is a virtual reality world, and Sword Art Online (SAO) is a virtual reality game.

Using the Nerve Gear, a virtual reality helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters or avatars with their minds.
Voice Actors of the Main Characters
English Sub (Japanese)
English Dub
Kirito/ Kazuto Kirigaya - Yoshitsugu Matsuoka - Bryce Papenbrook
Asuna Yuuki - Haruka Tomatsu - Cherami Leigh
Leafa/ Suguha Kirigaya - Ayana Taketatsu - Cassandra Lee Morris
The anime starts when Kirito enters SAO. After a few hours of playing, something goes wrong. The players are unable to log out of SAO, which means they cannot get out of the virtual reality world and back into the real world.
Kirito is a very skilled gamer. "Kirito" is his gaming avatar name. His real name is Kazuto Kirigaya. Kirito is very kind and is willing to help those in need and protect his loved ones. He is easily misunderstood, underestimated, and is controlled by his emotions. Kirito is the main character of the anime.
Asuna Yuuki is Kirito's partner. She is also a very skillful gamer as well. Asuna takes SAO very seriously, even though Kirito tells her to enjoy the game a bit. She is Kirito's wife in the game and his girlfriend in the real world. She is sometimes controlled by her emotions and always stays at Kirito's side.
Leafa is Kirito's cousin and adoptive sister of Kirito. She disliked virtual reality video games so she didn't appear in the SAO game. However, a new game was created which was called ALFheim Online. She decided to enter this game to see what it was like since Kirito loves virtual reality games so much. Her real name is Suguha Kirigaya. Unlike Kirito, Leafa is outgoing and very social. She practices kendo which makes her very strong physically and mentally. In the picture at the top, the girl in the black hair is Leafa (Suguha) in real life. The blond girl is Leafa in the game, which is her avatar.
Then, all the players meet at a certain area. The creator of the game comes and announces that the only way to leave SAO is to beat all the levels and beat the boss at level 100. Only one person needs to do this for everyone to leave. If you die in the game, you will die in real life.
I can't really decide what is my favorite scene, but I love the parts when Kirito is fighting bosses or protecting someone. Watching him fight is epic.
Ouran High School Host Club
Ouran Academy is an high school for rich students. Haruhi Fujioka is a middle-class student, which is very rare. While searching for a quiet place to study, Haruhi comes across an unused music room which turns out to be the club room for the school's "Host Club". The "Host Club" is a group of wealthy boys who have too much time on their hands. They posses good looks and entertain female clients.
After accidentally knocking over a priceless vase that Haruhi cannot ever possibly repay, she is forced to be an "errand boy" for the Host Club to work off the debt.
Ouran Academy is a high school for rich students. Haruhi Fujioka is a middle-class student, which is rare at the school. While searching for a quiet place to study, Haruhi comes across an unused music room which turns out to be the club room for the school's "Host Club".
Voice Actors of the Host Club
Haruhi Fujioka - Maaya Sakamoto - Caitin Glass
English Sub (Japanese)
English Dub
Soon after, Haruhi proves to be the "Natural" Host (she needed no training) and is promoted to a full member as a Host of the Ouran High School Host Club.
The "Host Club" is a group rich boys who have too much time on their hands. They possess good looks and entertain female clients.
Tamaki Suoh - Mamoru Miyano - Vic Mignogna
Kyoya Otori - Masaya Matsukaze - J Michael Tatum
Hikaru Hitachiian - Kenichi Suzumura - Todd Haberkorn
Kaoru Hitachiian - Yoshinori Fujita - Greg Aryes
Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka - Ayaka Saito - Luci Christian
Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka - Daisuke Kirii - Travis Willingham
Haruhi is the main character of the anime. She is very intelligent and strightfoward. Haruhi believes that one's gender should not define one's personality. Since she has short hair and usually wears clothes that boys would wear, she is often mistaken for a boy. Haruhi is very responsible.
Tamaki is the president of the "Host Club". He would be best described as flamboyant, egotistical and dramatic, but he is also dedicated to his studies, his friends, and his duties as a host. He is considered to be the "Princely" type, and loves to entertain his female clients with shameless flattery and upper-class etiquette.
Kyoya is the Vice President of the "Host Club". He is in charge of financial issues and planning. He uses his charm to act as a Host while also earning the club money through events by selling personal items of the Hosts. Kyoya is calm, logical and intelligent.
Hikaru and Kaoru are the twins. Hikaru is the older twin. However, Kaoru has a more mature personality than Hikaru. They are both mischievous troublemakers. The one with the hair parted to the right is Hikaru. The one with the hair parted to the left is Kaoru. A common game they play is "Which One is Hikaru?" Game. They wear identical hats to cover up their hair and ask people to guess. Haruhi is the only one to ever guess right.
Honey is actually the oldest character despite his small size and childish personality. He is a master of martial arts and loves cute things. Cake is something he loves. Usa-chan is his stuffed bunny, which is his prized possession.
Mori is considered the "Wild" type in the manga and the "Strong-Silent" type in the anime. He is observant and intelligent. Mori is well respected and well liked. He and Honey are cousins, and he takes care of Honey.
My favorite scene was when Haruhi enters the music room for the first time. She was introduced to the "Host Club".
Kiki's Delivery Service.
This movie is about a young witch named Kiki who has to learn how to be independent so she leaves her family. She finds her new life difficult so she supports herself by running an air delivery service by flying on her broom.
Voice Actors of Main Characters
English Version
Kiki - Kirsten Dunst
Jiji - Phil Hartman
Tombo - Matthew Lawrence
Kiki is the main character of the series. She is very smart and confident. Kiki is very independent. Jiji is her talking cat. She is a young witch who has to be indendent and is having a hard time, so she runs an air delievery service.
My favorite scene was when Kiki starts her delivery service. It showed how determined and how hard working she was. It also showed how kind and helpful she was too.
End! Thank you!
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