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Medical Tower Integration Showcase

No description

claire hellendag

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Medical Tower Integration Showcase

Med Tower Integration Showcase Do We Integrate? Well Duh! Smith & Hellendag:
Electronegativity!! Walter:
Biomolecules as Building blocks!! Hedstrom:
Business integration with the car industry & probability Garcia:
The Physics of Musical Instruments!! Taylor & Dudley:
Percentages and Blood Component Lab!!! Graham & Larkin:
The History of Animals in WWI & WWII!!! Jones & Graham:
Oral Health Month!! Walther & Garcia:
Eyeball Dissection & Optics!! HST & History:
Medical Mind Race
Exploring the History of Medicine!! Student Medical Journal:
Student written articles on medical topics!!! Knaack:
Diamante Poems inspired by a photo!! Loucks & Hellendag:
Cheese Making!!! Bernard & Foster:
The World's LARGEST Icosohedron Knappick & Simien:
Clinical Nutrition working out in the gym Knaack & Foster:
Geometry & Art 1 making Tesalations Hellendag & McKinney:
Flash animations & claymations over BioTech topics
We Integrate ALL the Time! a 7 line poem, shaped like a diamond
Science TAKS Smackdown!!!
Hellendag, Jones, Pacheco, & H. Smith
Talk about the Competition!
TAKS Questions never looked so interesting! Jones:
Children's Dental Books http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/6478451/
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