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EMPLOYMENT ACT 2002 & 2008

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Tanishha Nelly

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of EMPLOYMENT ACT 2002 & 2008

Employment Act 2002
How does Employment Act impact HR recruitment?
Holiday Pay
Parents can ask for flexible working hours.
Trade Unions
The Employment act 2002- covered different areas within employment law that included rights for maternity and paternity pay for parents to work in flexible hours.
The Employment act 2008- improved the areas of employment including changes such as: holiday pay, minimum wage, trade unions, when young adults can start working, the age of young adults who have children can ask for flexible working hours

The Employment Act is important during the recruitment process. The regulations as mentioned earlier puts the employee and employee in a safe position; when they need day off? if they need a holiday? are they entitled for it?
Minimum Wage:
The majority of workers aged 16 and over are entitled to receive a minimum wage.
The 4 rates of payment:
21 and over-£6.50
Under 18-£3.79

Full time= 28 days or 5.6 weeks
Part time= 12 weeks according to the hours they work.

*Please see hand out.
Source- http://www.hrreview.co.uk/hr-news/strategy-news/the-hr-worlds-reaction-to-the-holiday-pay-ruling/54085
Working parents have the following rights:
to request flexible working hours
unpaid parental leave for parents of children under 18

* Flexible working can include working part time, working school hours, working flexitime, home working, job sharing and shift working.
* You can make one request to work flexibly each year.

Trade unions have an impact on work and pay-they have the following implications:
employment growth
workplace closure
pay levels/settlements

Trade unions are the middlemen in a firm as they feedback to the
management (HR) issues within the firm.
Act 2002 &

Done by:
and Tish
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