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Hero's Journey: Avatar

No description

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey: Avatar

Hero's Journey: Avatar
The Ordinary World
To Jake Sully, the hero of the story, the ordinary world to him was Earth where, in the 22nd century, its natural resources have been depleted. He is living his life with a disability he had received during his career as a Marine. He is willing to help others despite this disability, but is usually reckless and gets into tough situations.
Call to Adventure
When Jake's twin brother is killed by a mugger, he is given a job offer by the Resources Development Association to replace his brother in the Avatar Program. After arriving on Pandora, home of the Na'vi and a valuable natural resource known as unobtanium, Jake meets Grace Augustine, the head of the Program, Norm Spellman, a fellow member and friend to Jake's brother, Trudy Chacon, an RDA military pilot, and Miles Quaritch, the head of the RDA's military personnel. Because of he does not have any knowledge on the Na'vi or their language, Grace initially does not agree with Jake being a part of the program. When Jake's consciousness is sent into his Na'vi body for the first time, he is immediately excited, especially when he realizes he is able to walk in the Na'vi body.
Refusal of the Quest
During an assignment to escort Grace and Norm's Avatars on a study on Pandora's ecosystem, Jake is separated from the group when his Avatar is attacked by Pandora wildlife. He meets with Neytiri, the daughter of her Home Tree's elder, as well as the Home Tree's Na'vi settlers. Later, the RDA learns that the Home Tree is on a large site of unobtanium, and ask Jake to convince the Na'vi living there to leave, but Jake initially refuses as he has not earned the clan's trust. Quaritch then offers Jake a chance to have his legs restored if he accepts this mission, which Jake agrees.
Jake, Grace, and Norm are sent to a floating mountain range to set up a base camp where they can control their Avatars. Under Neytiri's tutelage, Jake begins to learn the customs and ideals of the Na'vi race. They pray to their racial goddess Eywa when they kill wildlife so their prey's spirits are given to her. Jake also learns Na'vi can bond with the wildlife on Pandora through neurological connection, as they believe everything in nature is connected. Jake later becomes part of the Home Tree's clan after passing their initiation, and he continues to learn about the Na'vi's spiritual religion.
Supernatural Aid
Jake learns about the Na'vi's goddess Eywa during his initiation, and the Na'vi believe that he was chosen by her for a reason unknown to them. They claim that Eywa allows Na'vi to communicate to the spirits of their ancestors through the Tree of Souls. Eywa is believed to be the "mother" of all creatures, and is believed to not take any sides during a war, but determines what is right in the universe.
Tests and the Supreme Ordeal
When the RDA attacks and destroys the Home Tree, and kills Neytiri's father in the process, Jake, Grace, and Norm are placed under military arrest when they rebel against Quaritch's ruthless actions. Trudy also goes against the RDA's actions and frees them from their cell and escape the base. When Grace is wounded during the escape, Jake decides that he must earn the Na'vi's trust again by bonding with Turok, an honored and feared Pandorian creatureto show his alliance. Jake and Neytiri's clan attempt save Grace at the Tree of Souls by permanently placing her mind into her Avatar, but she dies from her wounds. Later, after Jake organizes other Na'vi clans to join the fight against the human occupation, Quaritch plans to destroy the Tree of Souls and the Na'vi's religious morale. A large-scale battle occurs in the skies and forests near the Tree, and Na'vi casualties are high, including Trudy and Norm's Avatar. When Pandorian wildlife appear and assist the Na'vi in the battle, Jake is able to destroy the RDA makeshift bomber and fights Quaritch, who uses a mechanical battlesuit. When Quaritch nearly kills Jake by exposing his human body to the poisonous atmosphere, Neytiri saves Jake by killing Quaritch and giving his human body an oxygen rebreather.
Reward and the Journey Home
With the RDA's attack a failure, Jake, Norm, and several humans that were against the RDA's actions are allowed to stay on Pandora, and the remaining humans are exiled from the planet and return to Earth. Jake brings peace back to the Na'vi and earns their trust once more, and releases Turok as a result. He makes his last video log in the empty RDA camp, and plans to permanently place his consciousness in his Avatar. This is successful, and Jake officially becomes a Na'vi and a part of Neytiri's clan again.
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