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GNDesign Social Media Campaign

WOA106 Social Media & Careers

George Ng

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of GNDesign Social Media Campaign

GNDesign Social Media Campaign 1. Twitter Search
Search Twitter conversations related to web/graphic design, SEO in order to listen to what is going around the industry
Monitor hashtags (#webdesign, #graphicdesign, #SEO, etc.) to understand market trends
Look for opportunities to join conversations

2. Review and monitor all comments
Know the sentiments (positive, neutral, or negative)
Keep track what others are talking about
When someone expresses a need for services, it is a good opportunity to join the conversation

3. Google Alerts
Detect associated names to monitor conversations
"George Ng", "George C.H. Ng", "GNEmpire", "GNDesign", etc.)

4. Search on LinkedIn for possible job opportunities. Facebook Contest Rules Business Objectives Results Competitive Analysis & Research Seek full-time, part-time, or contract job positions by promoting via social media to create a larger web presence.
Make potential employers aware of services

Improve website search engine ranks by having more inbound links from social media.
Individuals or businesses requiring web/graphic/multimedia design services, and SEO can find GNDesign more easily when searching online. design.gnempire.com WOA106 Social Media & Careers Web / Graphic / Multimedia Design Services On LinkedIn:
Toronto area companies that have job openings for web/graphic design or SEO
Out of this audience...
Primary: Companies with full time positions
secondary: Companies with contract positions

On Facebook, Twitter, and Blog:
Primary: Toronto area individuals or businesses that can be potential clients for my web/graphic design or SEO services
By having an online presence on social media, potential clients may more likely become aware of my services and be able to find me
Secondary: People with friends in need of web/graphic or SEO services
May help spread the word about my available services
Engage the audience on regular basis
Frequency of conversation more often on Facebook and Twitter compared to LinkedIn and Blog
Probably once or twice per week on Facebook and Twitter compared with once a week for LinkedIn and Blog
Style of conversation will be mostly casual but slightly more professional on LinkedIn depending on the situation Competitive Analysis & Research Most competitors utilize one or more Social Media platforms
Blog tools.
Links to social media platforms on websites
Content on social media includes news, tips, articles on web or graphic design, interesting information, or personal updates
Such content would benefit visitors or keep them interested, thus engaging them

What top competitors are doing on social media... Social Media:
Mostly sharing others' content on Google+ and Facebook
Twitter has work-related and personal tweets Social Media:
Twitter has mostly work related tweets
Blog has tips or how to articles Mark Macdonald
Web Design www.markmac.ca Social Media:
Twitter tweets are not frequent and mostly personal
Has a Tutorials section on website, which may serve similar functions of a Blog Sandra Smith Design www.sandrasmithdesign.com Serj Koslov
Freelance Web Designer www.serj.ca Wozcreative Social Media:
Posts are varied in topic, and both work-related and personal. www.wozcreative.com Ricksticks Social Media:
Mostly same content on Twitter and Facebook
Include personal and work related topics
Blog is used for showcasing own works and project updates www.ricksticks.com Include links to social media on my website
Use social media to share information, create original content valuable to visitors, or comment on other people’s content

On LinkedIn:
Potential employers often spend time online on LinkedIn to find potential employees

On Facebook, Twitter, Blog:
Other individuals and businesses, who are potential clients, may be on Facebook, Twitter or Blog Target Audience Use social media to create a larger online presence and promote the GNDesign website
Minimum of 30 fans on Facebook
Minimum of 30 followers on Twitter
Minimum of 30 connections on LinkedIn
At least 4 blog posts
...in the first month of the campaign

By achieving these goals, it would be a good start to having people become aware of GNDesign. As a result, it would create more career opportunities.

In order to achieve the above goals, the following activities are planned... Goals for each Social Media Platform Showcase personal works and build brand awareness
Share interesting information, links, photos, and videos about web/graphic design and SEO to keep fans engaged
Like/Follow other people’s pages to interact/network and make oneself known in return
Utilize Insights feature after getting at least 30 fans to evaluate effectiveness of posts Post news on works, website/blog updates, helpful tips, news articles, etc. to keep followers engaged
Use “post a question and answer with a link” format of tweets to share information
Follow other Twitter accounts related to web/graphic design and interact/network with them
Share links, pictures and videos of web/graphic design and SEO
Use Twitter Search and keywords to look for related hashtags to get an idea what others are talking about and join the conversation if appropriate Social Media Campaign for Twitter Social Media Campaign for Facebook Post news on works
Share links, articles, pictures and videos for web/graphic design and SEO
Follow web/graphic design companies and other businesses, and interact/network with them for career opportunities
Link to Resume
Link to Portfolio Social Media Campaign for LinkedIn Post news, helpful tips etc. on web/graphic design and SEO
Share links, articles, pictures and videos on web/graphic design and SEO
Comment on blogs of others related to web/graphic design and SEO
Create plan for original content topics Social Media Campaign for Blog Results Analysis & Conclusion To kickoff the social media marketing campaign, a video is created showcasing some of the GNDesign portfolio
Post on Facebook and Twitter (http://youtu.be/9jyTmLhPxlU)

Purpose of the social media campaign is to make the audience aware of GN Design’s services and what it can do for them
Through the use of mostly casual dialogue and demonstration of knowledge, it is hoped that the audience will get to know GNDesign better and become more confident to use its services

A draw contest may be considered in the future on Facebook (if details can be worked out) to give fans/followers a chance to win a prize such as a free logo design or a simple 3-page website
If decided to be feasible, such contests can be run occasionally on different social media platforms when further promotion is deemed necessary to attract new fans and expand services Story / Experience / Call to Action GNDesign Social Media Conversation Engagement Publications Schedule Execution Google Analytics Social Media Monitoring Strategies Measurement Plans
Statistics from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog Facebook campaign is on the right track of approaching goal of 30 fans in the first month

Number of Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections are low so far and there is possibility of failure to reach goal of 30 followers/connections in the first month

Plan to post more engaging content on all social media to help reach the goal

Number of blog posts is on the low side - other posts are on track
Will create more content for blog posts for the remainder of the month

Number of website visitors and conversions are on track

Draw contest is being considered for Facebook
If successful, it may be extended to other platforms Cannot use Facebook tools to run the contest
Must use third-party app
Facebook does not want to be associated as part of the contest
Cannot use "likes" as a means of entering the contest automatically - although you can require entrants to like your page
Cannot contact winner through Facebook
Must be done via e-mail or other method outside of Facebook
Violation can result in removal of company page More info:
http://www.socialnicole.com/facebook-contest-rules/ Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blog Facebook Measurement Google Analytics Dashboard Metrics YouTube Analytics Dashboard Bitly Dashboard
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