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Duodecim Scripta

No description

Kenny Nguyen

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Duodecim Scripta

by Kenny Nguyen Duodecim Scripta About The game originated from Rome.
Another name for the game Ludus duodecim scriptorum.
The name translates to "game of twelve markings."
There is no specific date but it possibly originated around the 3rd century AD
The game also contain words of encourgament
This says "Play without concern when your purse is full."
SEMPER IN ARCA The game consisted of 2 players
Your 3-dice throw allows you to move forward three pieces.
If you land on a square that had one opponent's piece already on it, that piece will return to Square 1.
If you landed on a square that had two or more opponent's pieces, you cannot occupy it, but stop on the square just before, or choose to move another piece. Rules Similar games are jacquet, backgammon and others Tric Trac.
Also the game tabula is thought to be the descendant of this game. Similar Games
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