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Ursula K. LeGuin

No description

andrew shim

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Ursula K. LeGuin

Ursula K. LeGuin An american author that has won many awards like the Hugo Award and nation book award.
she started writing poetry at the age of 5!!
She was best know as a science fiction author LeGuin was born in Berkeley, California.
she was a daughter of the head of UC-Berkeley's Department of Anthropology and writer.
She grew up in a academic atmosphere. Le Guin was an instructor in French at Mercer University, Georgia, in 1954.
In 1954 she was a department secretary at Emory University, Atlanta.
Le Guin's first short stories appeared in the early 1960s. She had also written poetry.
As a novelist Le Guin made her debut in 1966 with Rocannon's World, a book about a scientist who tries to save a colony from hostile alien invasion.
. Her first fantasy story called 'April in Paris', was published in Amazing Stories in 1962. Le Guin writes novels, poetry and essays, shes also a writer for young children, an illustrator, and a translator.
Le Guin novels are the stepping stones of science fiction and fantasty. they were so revolutionary beause her writing style was so extraordinarily wise and graceful, Ursula most famous novels are "Earthsea" and "Ekumenical"
She writes about wizards, dragons, and magic in her stories to draw in her readers and lets there imagination take over.
in the story the protagonist is Ged and she uses the story as a metapohor to explain that his journey was a journey to reach self-discovery and wholeness.
SCIENCE FICTION Le Guin's work reflected the Taoist principle mutuality, interdependence, and ordered wholeness. The Left Hand of Darkness used ambisexual aliens to comment on humans' sexual values.
she talks about the value and the attitude of sex through a planet of aliens that can become male or female at the peack of the life cycle.
EARthsea is similer to the "Catcher in the Rye" because
Holden is trying to find out who he is in the four days
he is alone in New York just like how ged is looking for answers self Discovery and wholness.

Holden is a metaphor because Holden consistently pushes himself away from other people and thus doesn’t really know why he keeps behaving as he does. Because Holden needs his isolation he distances himself from the world and to maintain a level of self-protection, he often sabotges his own chances of ending his loniness
IN "Catcher in the rye" holdem is also looking for emotional and physical relationship. but tends to ruin his chances for happiness
The end
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