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Had to do this for My Music class

Shay Pdf

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Janoskians

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Born May 5 1995
Luke Anthony Mark Brooks Known as the Sassy one in the group. Luke is Half Italian and Half Australian, He as a Twin Brother Jai Brooks who is also in the group to, Luke is 2 minutes older then Jai which makes him the 2 oldest of his family. He lives in Austria with his 2 brothers (Jai and Beau) and his mom Gena. Luke likes Animals, sports, music, making videos. His favorite food is Spaghetti.
Born May 5 1995
Jaydin Domenic brooks, Jai is half Australian and half italian. Jai has a twin brother and that's Luke, so Jai is the youngest of his family. Jai's hobbies include Drawing and tennis, jai really hates being a twin. His favorite animal is a sloth, Jai also has a pet sloth which was given to him for his 18 birthday by his Ex-Girlfriend Ariana Grande.
They are an Australian Group,PrankSters, Singers, entertainers and stunt performers based in Melbourne, Australia
Luke Brooks
Jia Brooks
Beau Brooks
July 31st 1993
Beau Peter Brooks , His is the oldest of the group, he is half italian and half Australian. he is known for waging pranks, dares and other bits inspired by Jackass. Beau lives in Australia Melbourne with his two twin brothers (luke and jai) and his mom Gena.
Daniel Sahyounie
October 31 1994
Daniel John Sahyounie known are Skip in the group. Skip is Half Lebanese and half Australian. Daniel lives with is two older brothers and plus is dad. Daniel is most closest to Beau.
James Yammouni
February 27 1996
James Anthony Yammouni is half Lebanese and Australian. He is the youngest member of the Janoskians. The only sibling james has is his younger sister.
The Group
The Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation) The Janoskians were all friends when they were younger, as they got older they created a channel on July 4 2010 and They began posting comedy videos on YouTube in September 2011
The Janoskians Have two songs, Set this world on Fire and bestfriends. There mostly a comedy Prankster group.
there videos evolve really good they have over a million subscribers on youtube, and they also have caught the attention of Justin Bieber, Liam Payne and Ellen DeGeneres.
They have to deal with Drama and rumors of being gay. They also had to deal with drama happening in the fandom, with other fans. Plus there is a little bit going on with Ariana Grande cheating on jai brooks.
there tour was Called Not a Boy band.
The Janoskians
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