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Tasting the Sky

No description

Marsalis Holloway

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Tasting the Sky

Tasting the Sky Marsalis Holloway
3rd period
Language Arts Background Characters: Ibtisam, Mirriam, Suleiman, Muhammad, and Basel By: Ibtisam Barakat 2 Setting: West Bank Plot: This story is about Ibtisam Barakat and her constant struggle everyday. She informs the reader of what life is like as a girl in the Middle East and the hard times at war she and her family had to go through. Part One: Letter to No One Setting: Surda, West Bank 1981 Summary: Ibtisam is coming home to Rammallah after stopping at Birzeit to check her Post box. While riding on the bus, Israeli soldiers bombarded the bus and evacuated everyone to one of their bases in Surda. They kept everyone hostage for a while until finally releasing Ibtisam. She wonered while standing there if she will ever respond to her pin pals. Part Two: Postal Box of Memory {1967-1971} Chapters: 1-18 Setting: 1967; Ramallah, West Bank Summary: It's 1967 in Ramallah, West Bank and the felling of war is as strong as ever. Ibtisam, only three, was used to her dad having a special treat for her. But on this specific day when he didn't have anything but a scared look on his face, she new something was not right. Her father warned her to go back inside because war was upon them. The family grabbed all of the essentials and headed for the water trench, the safest place for them to hide. After nearly being killed by Israeli war planes, he fled with the others too the caves by the Jordan in a desparate attempt to dodge the war. By the grace of God, a man and his family graceously let them hop aboard his tanker and they crossed the Jordan into the next town where she and her mother stayed at a shelter. Postal Box of Memory Continued At this point, Ibtisam and the others were getting used to life in the shelter. They would hardely receive food and had to cherish the bread and tea they little often got. While in the basement, Ibtisam met a donkey and named him Souma. The two istantly became best friends and she wouldm't go anywhere without him. Everything was well until the two had to end their relationship after Hamameh invited the family to stay at thier place for a while and she had to leave him back. While all of this was going on, Ibtisam's feet were continuing to swell up after running barefoot for so long. They eventually took her to the hospital where the doctor put syringe in her foot and had to wear a cast. Postal Box of Memory Continued Eventually, they all went back home to Ramallah, where they saw the tremendous damge to their house by the war. Soldiers had set up camp right outside their house. This made her mother angry and they decided to send the kids to an orphanage in Jericho, Dar El-Tifl. Unfortunately for Ibtisam, she no longer had the protection of her brothers from bullies since they would be going to a seperate school. At the orphanage, she would only one friend, a piece of chalk she named Alef. She would talk to him at night and keep him in her pocket during the day. Soon, Ibtisam would go to Jalazone Grils School where she would learn to read and her teacher, Lillian, would have her help other kids. After a while, she would grow to like Jalazone and had a goat named Zuraiq to keep her comfort. Postal Box Of Memory Her first grade year was over and her 2nd grade year was near. Ibtisam wished she could have Lillian as a teacher again, but new it couldn't happen and she would have to move on. In October, devasting news of Egypt's leader Jamal Abdel Nasser's death left the country in mourn. Mother was contemplating on whether or not they should leave and move to another house. But when a soldier came to the door making kisses at her, she new that moving was the right thing. On the last trip back after moving everything into their new house, Ibtisam new that wherever they moved wouldn't matter because she knew this would always be her home even if they never come back. As Mother locked the door, they knew they were leaving a home full of memories. Part Three: A Letter to Everyone/ Conclusion Ibtisam is reflecting on her whole life and how she's lost everything but Alef and he helps her put everything in her life that fell apart back together. Conclusion Tasting the Sky is a story of Ibtisam Barakat and her trials and tribulations through her childhood and how she manages to deal with it. She reflects on memories of war at onlythree years old. In her story she meets alot of people and befriended many, but as of now she is not a friend to any of those anymore. This story really shows me that no matter what I'm going through, there are people in the world, some even younger, that have much bigger problems and that I need to get over mine.
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