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Ward-Hendry Sales

No description

Luke Stevens

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Ward-Hendry Sales

PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHY HOTBOARD HOTBOARD WELCOME TO WARD-HENDRY FROM THE AWARD WINNING TO FULLY BESPOKE SERVICES & SCHOOL A Ward-Hendry assignment is the best way to celebrate the excellence and achievement of your school or academy and its surrounding community - whether it's a modern portrait service providing beautiful school photos for your parents or a high impact visual display project or prospectus, capturing the very essence and spirit of life within your school.

Today we service schools and academies all over the United Kingdom and continue to demonstrate innovation and creativity at every turn. 2004 saw the creation of Ward-Hendry - founded by Michael and Sarah Ward-Hendry with the vision of bringing you the best in school photography. We are an experienced, vibrant company providing a dynamic range of services including:

Innovative Pupil Photography
Stunning class group & sports team portraits
Dramatic display products to promote your school's core values
A comprehensive array of branding services
A portfolio of eye-catching Visual Marketing solutions Information / Notice Hotboards are a perfect, hot-swappable display board for a classroom, office or corridor. Versatile and available in a wide range of sizes and layouts, they allow you to quickly and easily change content and display important information. The Working Wall Hotboard: Helping you to achieve “Ofsted-outstanding lessons” The Working Wall Hotboard is a fantastic asset for any learning environment. It started life in primary school classrooms, where it is used to improve pupil participation by giving status to children’s work. Proven and unique, a display system for the safe display of paper within an infection controlled environment

"Mounted on the wall in the Critical Care Unit and the Minor Operations unit, the display boards look very professional and the hospital branding gives a feeling of continuity across the two areas. The boards provide us with the ability to change displays easily with no keys needed"

Karen Kinnear: SRN, SCM, RSCN, MSc Research and Practice Development - Senior Clinical Nurse Manager Critical Care and Resuscitation services. The key benefit of the Mobile Hotboards is its flexibility:
its portability means you can move them easily from room to room
they can be used as a teaching resource in a classroom or just about anywhere
perfect for marketing your school at events; celebrating students' work and sharing important information throughout the school building MARKETING MARKETING DISPLAY HOTBOARDS HELPING INFECTION CONTROL IN HOSPITALS HOTBOARDS IN SCHOOLS MOBILE HOTBOARD PROSPECTUS DESIGN SCHOOL SIGNAGE WINDOW FILM AND GRAPHICS BRANDING Our School Prospectus Design Services are a great way to communicate your school or academy's core values and aspirations to both your
internal and external audiences. Stunning exterior and interior signage will help you provide the perfect first impression of your school premises. It provides both valuable information as well as promoting your school's values, branding and visual style. Window vinyl is the perfect way in which to use the extra display space of your windows to promote the key messages for your school. Our design services aren't just about giving your school or academy a new logo.
Ward-Hendry can also create a full re-branding scheme across all your communication items. TAKE 2 PORTRAITURE At Ward-Hendry we are always trying to do new things and give you and your students' parents more choice. This is why we have developed 'Take 2'. Every pupil has two different photos taken of them so their parents can choose which one they prefer... or even order both! FREESTYLE ‘Freestyle’ Class & Team Portrait photos are a new, contemporary and exciting alternative to traditionally photographed school and sports groups.

Use your imagination and add your own props to make these Freestyle portraits as creative and fun as possible. TRADITIONAL GROUPS Using our strong, safe and quick to assemble staging we can now photograph your entire school, creating the perfect memory of your students' time at your school.

Our experienced photographers will guide your students through the process to make it as simple and stress free as possible for everone at your school. After that we will produce your prints at our in house production lab using the latest processing, print and framing technology. CELEBRITY SQUARES Celebrity Squares gives your students a great way to express their individuality and to remember their school friends.

An ideal, fun alternative to traditionally photographed school leavers portraits and groups.
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