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Emmett Till's Influence on To Kill A Mockingbird

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Britt Barb

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Emmett Till's Influence on To Kill A Mockingbird

Emmett Till's Influence on To Kill a Mockingbird
Ms. Barbour
April 7 , 2014

Who was Emmett Till?
A 14-year-old African American from Chicago visiting family in Money, Mississippi.
August, 1955
Let's hear more about it...
To Kill a Mockingbird
Do you this case was in the back of Harper Lee's mind as she was writing her novel? Why?
Can you think of some similarities and differences between Emmett Till's case and Tom Robinson's case?
Do you think he was
prepared for the level
of segregation in the South?
Break into groups of three students.
Grab a piece of poster board and three DIFFERENT colored markers. (One for Tom, One for Emmett, One for similarities)
Create a Venn diagram based on the two characters.
Details can come from their cases, their treatment, their charges, etc.
Students can cite quotes from the novel.
Think outside the box!
You will present these and they will be hung around the room :)
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