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Present Tense Conjugation (Spanish)

Explains how to use the present tense of verbs in Spanish

Testalus Rocks

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Present Tense Conjugation (Spanish)

Conjugation of Spanish verbs: groups of verbs: ar verbs
the biggest group er verbs
the second largest group ir verbs the smallest group How to conjugate verbs: 1. drop the endings of the infinitive 2. add the verb endings (using the subject pronouns) for ar verbs use
(example nadar:) Singular:
Yo nado (I swim)
Tu nades (You swim)
El/ella/Ud. (he/she swim) Plural:
Nosotros/as nadamos (we swim)
Vosotros/as nadais (you plural swim)
Ellos/ellas/Uds. (they swim) for er verbs use
(example comer) Singular:
Yo como (I eat)
Tu comes (You eat)
El/ella/Ud. (he/she eats) Plural:
Nosotros/as Comemos (we eat)
Vosotros/as Comeis (you plural eat)
Ellos/ellas/Uds. (they swim) for ir verbs use
(example compartir) Singular:
Yo comparto (I share)
Tu compartes (you share)
El/ella/Ud. comparte (he/she shares) Plural:
Nosotros/as compartimos (we share)
Vosotros/as compartis (you plural share)
Ellos/ellas/Uds. comparten (they share) The use of present tense:
as it might suggest the present tense is used when you talk about things that happen in the present (right now) Thanks for watching!
created by Max Luedecke
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