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Noun Clauses

The use of noun clauses in English

Erich Rose

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Noun Clauses

When nouns just don't tell enough People What is a clause?
:A Review What are the functions of a noun in a sentence? Function the same way as nouns in sentences. A List with Examples Places A Clause = Subject + Verb Nouns can be... A noun clause can do whatever a noun can do. Subordinating Conjunctions Noun Clauses Nouns Things Ideas Clauses Noun Functions Types of Clauses Independent Clauses ...are sentences like "I went to the store." Dependent Clauses ...are not complete sentences like "Whoever went to the store" ...are not complete ideas but add to an idea Such as "Whoever went to the store bought potato chips." "Whoever went to the store" is the subject of the sentence. ...and "bought potato chips" is the action of the subject. Subjects of a sentence Objects of a sentence For example "Boy" in "The boy played basketball." Direct objects like "basketball" in "The boy played basketball." or Indirect Objects like "Wife" in "The man gave his wife flowers." or Objects of a preposition Such as "bank" in "The man put his money in the bank." Noun Clauses Functions Such as "Whoever passes the exam will pass the class." "Whoever passes the exam" is a noun clause that functions as the subject of the sentence. Such as "I know who will pass the class." "Who will pass the class" is a noun clause that functions as the object of the sentence. Such as "We can go to whatever movie you want to see." "Whatever movie you want to see" is a noun clause that functions as the object of the preposition "to".
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