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The Pneumatic Ⓣⓤⓑⓔ Mailbox

No description

mike richards

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The Pneumatic Ⓣⓤⓑⓔ Mailbox

The Pneumatic Ⓣⓤⓑⓔ Mailbox
Made by: Mike Richards
Do you hate going out in the pouring rain to get your mail, just to have your mail get soaked on your way back to the house?
The Pneumatic Tube Mailbox
By Mike Richards
can solve that problem

The Pneumatic Tube Mailbox uses the
same technology as a simple pneumatic
tube, but it makes getting your mail on a
rainy day a heck of a lot simpler, and dryer
The mailman puts the mail
in the mailbox, only in a
Using the same technology as what is
used now for mailboxes, when the mailbox opens,
it flips a spring loaded tab. But when the tab is up
the system turns on and when the door closes.
The tube travels down the underground
pipe and into the designated spot in the
owners house
Switching devices = transfer units:
-reroute carrier through tubing network

Carrier is deposited into receiving bin of the selected location

Control center=
-revives all functions
-can see all carriers at the same time

-up to 25 feet per second

made using
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