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mackenzie campbell

on 2 December 2017

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Transcript of PEARL HARBOUR

"operation z"
"I have nothing to offer but blood.toil, tears and sweat"- Winston Churchill
Facts about Pearl Harbor
On an early morning in December, 1941 when the Japanese navy carried out a surprise attack on the American navy. The Japanese army sent out their jets to drop bombs on American ships anchored at Pearl Harbour, to weaken their navy for war. Japan bombed Pearl Harbour to force the United States into submission.
Even though the Japanese army weakened the American Navy they were still unsuccessful because the U.S navy came back stronger then ever. The day after the attack America declared war on the Axis powers "Japan, Germany, and Italy."
The attack lasted up to 110 minutes
December 7, 1941
Mackenzie & Montana
"A day that would live in infamy"
Cause and Consequence
US president Roosevelt called it "A day that would live in infamy." the significance of the attack was not that the American people were attacked its that they grew stronger afterwords. It made the united people into one united states. The attacks on Pearl Harbour invoke patriotism and sadness. The attack reminded Americans of what they loved and gave them a reason to fight for their lives and freedoms. There are many significant things that can be said about it.
Japan wanted to strike early on the American navy to cripple and weaken their forces. The attack on Pearl Harbour caused many men and women to lose their lives and damage and/or ruin many military devices. This attack pushed Americans into a war they were avoiding for so long. Americans fought long and hard on the Pacific front trying to avenge the attack of Pearl Harbour. This tragedy caused the American navy to become stronger and wanting revenge on the Japanese.
The Japanese specifically chose to attack on a Sunday because they thought Americans would be more relaxed and unexpected it.
The Kamikaze were part of the Japanese special attack unit, they were military invaders whom initiated suicide attacks for the empire of Japan. The soldiers who attacked Pearl Harbor knew they would never return home.
The USS Arizona was a Pennsylvania-class battleship built by and for the U.S navy so they were stationed in Pearl Harbor because it was a Naval Base for the US. During the attack USS Arizona's entire band was lost. Many know of this ship from the tragedy during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor with the loss of over 11 hundred crew members.
Historical Significance
The Japanese had several major aims. They first intended to destroy important American fleet units, preventing the Pacific fleet from interfering with Japanese conquest of the Dutch East Indies and Malaya and enabled Japan to take over Southeast Asia without interference.
Japan had an increased need for natural resources that the Pacific had. Japan wanted to expand their land into the Pacific.
What happened after?
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