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Research Presentation

Informative Research Presentation

Eszter Janossy

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Research Presentation

Historical Context "The Glass Menagerie" was written towards the end of World War II, but the play is set in St. Louis, Missouri, during the Great Depression (1937), slightly before the beginning of the war. War and poverty were evident in everyday life around this time, and Tennessee Williams transfers that to the play. Personal Context Thomas Williams, "Tennessee Williams" What's This Drama Actually About? Laura, Amanda, and Tom
Wingfield live in a
dark, dirty, tiny tenement. Tom supports the whole
family Tom and Laura's father left Amanda, their mother
to go abroad. Now, Amanda is broken and
stuck permanently in her own little
world. Tom
Is under pressure to
earn money and pay the bills
Wants to take off to
follow his dreams Laura
Is under pressure to be a stereotypical social butterfly like her mother
Has a physical defect Amanda is...
a strong personality
good at heart
living vicariously through her daughter
full of high expectations for both her children Amanda has Laura's best interests at heart ...even though Laura has been shy and introverted all her life. Now, Laura's crippled AND insecure -Go to business school
-Be successful
-Get over her physical defect
-Stop calling herself a "cripple"
-Get married So she pushes Laura to... That's where Jim O'Connor comes in...
-he's Tom's friend
-he's invited to court Laura
-he doesn't know he's supposed to court her
-he's engaged. Issues Emerging in "The Glass Menagerie" ... so Amanda takes control Mr. Wingfield is out of the picture... Family Issues (female dominance) and the change of traditional roles Amanda was raised very traditionally...
For her, all that matters is Now, Amanda is trying to force the same stereotype on Laura Except... Laura is anything She has a physical defect Stereotypes for Women getting married being ladylike staying at home, doing housework, and caring for the kids but traditional . is shy considers a glass collection her most prized possession lives without her father So now the stereotype is being challenged and society's expectations for women are CHANGING. Current Events Changing Families:
Single Motherhood this means that they usually have lower income,
and can't devote as much time to their children.
they are stereotyped and judged this is Sandy
Banks and she's a
single mother. she thinks "'single mother' is not just a descriptor,
but a license for strangers to criticize my children,
my prospects, my morals". Today's issues of single mothers relates to "The Glass
Menagerie" because Amanda Wingfield is a single mother. Studies show that single motherhood can have detrimental effects on the families. This is one in one the Wingfield family- Laura is painfully introverted and Tom has unfulfilled dreams...not to mention Amanda, who has mental issues. This has not changed today. Gender Roles what's different about this picture? A Swedish toy company recently released a holiday catalog in which the toys they're selling are marketed as gender neutral Girls playing with Nerf guns Boys playing with dolls Changing stereotypes and gender roles are prominent in "The Glass Menagerie". For example, instead of the father earning the money, the older brother does. Instead of Laura getting married, she stays at home and plays with animals. This gender neutral catalog is trying to change stereotypes, just like stereotypes are changing in "The Glass Menagerie". The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams In October 2009, unemployment in the U.S.
reached 10%.
1.7 million adolescents were homeless. Both unemployment and
homelessness can lead to
social problems as well as mental/emotional issues and depression. The Recession Grew up in a dysfunctional family
Female dominance
Had a sister with a mental illness (this is where the inspiration for Laura Wingfield comes from)
http://articles.latimes.com/2012/nov/30/local/la-me-banks-singlemothers-20121201 "The Glass Menagerie" is set in the Great Depression. Today's recession has been said to be the worst economic ditch we've been in since the Depression. "The Glass Menagerie" presents issues that are still relevant today. Economic hardship can cause mental illness and mental issues (think Amanda Wingfield) and family tension (Mr. Wingfield left, Tom and Amanda fight all the time).
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