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Joan Miro

A look at one of the 20th century's most original artists

allen kinast

on 6 August 2018

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Transcript of Joan Miro

Joan Miró
The Colorful Surrealist of Spain
Were inspired by the strange things that happen in dreams.
1893: Born in Barcelona, Spain
"How did I think up my drawings and my ideas for painting? Well I'd come home to my Paris studio in Rue Blomet at night, I'd go to bed, and sometimes I hadn't any supper. I saw things, and I jotted them down in a notebook. I saw shapes on the ceiling..."
Joan Miró
The son of a watchmaker and a goldsmith, Miro was exposed to the arts at an early age.

In 1918, after almost dying from typhoid fever, Miro decides to devote his life to painting.
In 1920, Miro moves to Paris. He meets artists and writers such as Picasso and Hemingway. Here, he begins to use the ideas of surrealism in his art.
•Believed their art should break the many rules that painting had acquired over the centuries.
• Believed art should be created through a series of “automatic” actions: spontaneous moves that are made without thinking about them first.
• Were inspired by children's art and African primitive art.
Salvador Dali, "Sleep" 1937
Pablo Picasso, "La Muse," 1935
Pablo Picasso, Woman Throwing a Rock, 1931
André Masson, "Automatic Drawing," 1924
Joan Miró, "Catalan Landscape (The Hunter)," 1923-4
Joan Miró, "Scultore," 1974
Joan Miró, "Dona i Oceli," 1982 (Barcelona, Spain)
Joan Miró, "Personnage," 1970
Color Doodle with Chalk Pastels
Air draw doodles. Use large arm gestures to get warmed up.
Draw an abstract doodle on final paper by automatic drawing with expressive lines.
Fill in doodle with chalk pastels, blend colors. Add patterns.
Stand back and check doodle for balance of composition, colors, shapes, lines.
Add lines, organic shapes, colors to balance composition. Leave negative space.
Write a title for your artwork.
Nocturne, 1940
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