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National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference Wrap-Up

This video is a wrap-up and reflection on the 2011 NUBC held at Duke University on March 18-20.

Duke Bioethics

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference Wrap-Up

their society large-scale problems this is the biggest challenge before us to link the to the local problems what we do has to fit in with we have to add value to what they're doing not take away from what their local health promoters are doing because we're only short time there for a _______________________________________ National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference

Duke University
March 18-20, 2011

"Bioethics: More Personal or More Global?" would you believe an MRI brain scan saying that your child is going to be a criminal mastermind? but we have to be careful not to overstate it So one of the messages that I would say to this community is: Be skeptical,
Look for independent sources of information,
& Be Excited I'm a fan of genomics & genetic research We are in the beginning of what I consider to be the 2ND GREAT TRANSFORMATION of medicine That’s helicopter research when you're taking the data & you are taking the specimen you are enriching your university and you're enriching yourself and you are not helping solve the problem in this age of personalized medicine,
what are the ethical issues that arise? If we can use enhancement interventions to prevent future disease oh, well that doesn’t count as some kind of illegitimate form of
enhancement that's a perfectly N O R M A L part of medicine WHY IN THE WORLD would we allow people to patent DNA molecules? are we going to be able to improve IQ points? but perhaps ... it's not necessarily all the ethics ON THE EDGE it's the day-to-day ethics about trying to practice medicine
& do research
right & well What are the three KEY things, ethical principles, that we focus on? AUTONOMY BENEFICENCE JUSTICE We don’t do any studies unless the benefit outweighs the risk. And we can't presume to know what's best for them. And how do media impact the practice of medicine? is it just TV? or more than that? Even though this intersection of ethics and television might seem whimsical at first I think it does raise important questions about
how you watch TV
how patients will watch TV,
how clinicians may watch TV,
how all of us may be shaped in
A DIFFERENT WAY People come to you for HELP they tell you their secrets,
they tell you their problems they let you inside their lives,
they let you test them. and because of that, you're obliged to treat them in a certain way people who are really empowered can say "Well I don't like this doctor so I'm gonna just drive down the road and get another doctor... ...I'm gonna choose the doctor whose conscience fits mine" but the most vulnerable patients don't have that kind of choice empowered & the challenge that I think is now before bioethics is how to lift up our gaze from the
problems that are being faced by patients
- the quandary ethics of the individual - really, there’s almost another world of bioethics & it’s not about the way that the latest technology is going to be used it’s really about how the world is divided into rich and poor We need to work with the people
the ministries of health
the doctors
the nurses
the lawyers
to solve the problems and LEAVE. So the lesson for you, individually get a skill don't be arrogant no social tourism where you see injustice SPEAK OUT you clinicians what are the possible benefits
of genomics & other predictive
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