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Graduated Difficulty Strategy

An overview of the strategy and how it works.

Adriane Johnson

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of Graduated Difficulty Strategy

Graduated Difficulty Strategy Graduated difficulty involves students directly in the differentation processes they... Analyze a variety of tasks at different levels of difficulty. Select the task that is most appropriate for the team. Complete and evaluate their chosen task Chart goals for improvement and achievement at higher levels Strategy in Action:
The teacher gives the students a handout of three different problems each at a different level of difficulity and then writes three questions on the board.... The problem:
1. 12/14
2. 12/6006
3. 6/1616 The 3 questions students need to consider before deciding which problem...
1. What makes one level harder than the next?
2. What skills or knowledge would you need to solve each task?
3.What level do you think will work best for you? Why? Class will know complete the task. Why the strategy works? How to use this strategy? Look in the book on page 49-52 to learn how to make a graduated difficulity lesson What questions to use when having the students reflect..
1.What criteria did you use to select the level at which you wanted to work?
2.Was your choice a good one for you? Why or why not?
3.What do you need to know/do in order to work at a higher level?
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