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Why do I want to work at Samsung Electronics

No description

Kuanwoo Lee

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Why do I want to work at Samsung Electronics

Why do I want to
work at Samsung? What is Samsung Electronics? -Industry : Semiconductors
-Founded : 13th, Jan, 1969 (Samsung Electric Industry)
1988 (Changed to Samsung Electronics)
-Headquarter : Suwon, South Korea
-Employees : 221,726 (2012)
-Key people : Kun-hee Lee(Chairman)
Jae-yong Lee(Vice-Chairman)
Oh-hyun Kwon(Vice-Chairman, CEO)
-Product : LCD and LED panels, Mobile phones,
Semiconductors, Televisions, Other
-Profit : $21.818 million (2012) What kinds of work they do? How much is the Samsung men's salary? -New employee : $45000
-Deputy section chief : $62000
-Section chief : $80000
-Head of department : Over $100000 Welfare benefits - Medical checkup at regular intervals, medical expenses
- All the charges for an operation of heart disease
of employee's children
-Charges for leukemia of employee's children
(maximum $18000 per person)
- Cost for fire damage restoration employee's
(and their parents's) habitation
-Children's school expenses
- Personal pension,
- Family events
- Etc. Samsung Electronics support to their employees...
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