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Stranger Danger

Lesson plan on what is stranger danger and how to keep safe.

Jessica Rausch

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger How to Keep Safe If you don't know them, they are a stranger. Who Are Strangers? Strangers are anybody you don't know. There are different kinds of strangers. You can go to these
strangers if you need help. Good Strangers Some strangers are
good strangers. Good strangers are:
Police Officers
Fire Fighters
Other school personnel Some strangers can be dangerous. Bad Strangers Bad strangers can: Be mean
Be scary
Try to hurt you
Try to take you You are putting yourself in danger when you: Putting Yourself in Danger Talk to a stranger
Leave with a stranger
Take things from a stranger You can put yourself in danger if you do any of these things with a stranger.
DON'T PUT YOURSELF IN DANGER!!! Say "No" to the stranger and/or walk away.

Scream and yell "Stranger Danger!" and run away.

Go to a trusted adult and tell them what happened. What to Do if You're in Danger Parents
Other family such as Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, or Grandma
Your teacher
School staff
Police Officer
Other adults you trust Who You Can Tell It is okay to talk to, take things from, or take a ride from a stranger if your parent/s or another trusted adult gives permission. The Only Time It's Okay YOU MUST ASK FIRST! What is a stranger? What Did You Learn? Who is a stranger? Are your parents?
A person on the street?
Is your teacher?
A person on internet chats?
A person on video game chats? What do you do if you are in danger? What do you not do with a stranger? When is it okay? They can be either good or bad.
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