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Social Media Workshop

No description

Liam Doolan

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Social Media Workshop

Social Media
History of
Social Media

My Favourite

Some Misconceptions and my
thoughts about the future of
social media industry and marketing
Peter and that's enough
3000 likes before opening
12,000 Video Hits
600 Twitter Followers
3000 Website Hits
Stage 1: Market Research
Research found:
Target audience is both locals and students.
A very mixed crowd therefore the brand message needs to fit both for purpose.
We needed to engage the local audience and find the influential members.
Stage 2: Planning
We started the page 4 months before opening
Built an online team of influential people online in the area
Planned a 3 month content reveal
Covered offline and online
Involved local businesses
Trained all the staff on in house social media
Stage 4: After opening - continued content
Posting good content
videos, photos of fans and customers
lots of photos
Acting Human!
Audience demographic
In store engagement
Plan future content based on the audience and parts that worked
Utilise Facebook ads for targeted audience
Content is king
Your personal social profile
Stage 3: Execution
Release teaser information
Online team has the same brand message
Launch with a very big competition and release teaser images and details
Regular updates
Slowly releasing more and more information
Launched a second competition
Launch Video & Website at the same time
User generated competition - vote
A month of testing and invites taster sessions
5000 Facebook likes
1000 Twitter Followers
Stage 5: Review
Facebook Tips
Research the optimum dimensions of photos
Use call to actions in photos
20% text rule on photos for promotion/ads
Cover photo - optimise to have a call to action and portray the brand message
Profile Image - will be used throughout the page (little icon)
Tab Icons
Website links
Great for gaining likes
Interactive competitions
Booking apps
Booking App
Every Customer must book their trip through here
Content is king
Make shareable content
Become an expert in your field
User generated content is key
Instagram competition by Wasteland Ski
Support content from other avenues
Uploading videos to Facebook only
Facebook has to be pushed offline too
Printable marketing
Venue - check ins
Push everyone from offline to online using Facebook only promotions
Linking your email database
Still in early stages
Targeted advertising
Important to link all your data together
Useful Sites
Also like Facebook Marketing
Inside Facebook
Twitter Tips
@ put this at the beginning of the tweet and only you and the other person see unless your follower is following both people.
.Try putting a full stop before
Good for customer service conversations
Retweets highlight the original user
Try using quote retweet - adds your branding to the content
Tweets with photos get twice the response
Instagram is no longer compatible with twitter
A few things some people don't know
24 billion searches are performed on twitter everyday
1 million twitter accounts created everyday
77% of the top 100 companies have twitter
50% of twitter users now advertise products
More searches performed on twitter than Yahoo and bing
A few stats from 2013 on Twitter
Twitter is an open platform and level playing field
It is down to time and effort put in
You can find targeted content related to your business/product
Build relationships
Searching on twitter
Be consistent
Be informative, useful and entertaining
If you're a social media agency tweet social media related content and become the go to person for this
Don't be afraid to tweet at people!
Engage in conversation
Don't #hashtag everything
Keep it related but also relevant and up to date, react to what is going on in the world
Don't give your own opinion unless its a personal account, remember this is a business you are representing
How to Gain followers and Traffic
Use the bio to explain exactly what you do
Use an appropriate sized logo (not a huge picture!)
The cover photo should represent your brand
Don't just follow 2000 people straight away! Build your ratio up slowly, tweets vs following vs followers
Your profile
Useful Software
Brand protection
Developed by twitter
Searching for key words
Useful for multiple accounts
Price = free!
Daily digest of all your tweets
Good for multiple accounts
Make sure you're receiving any information that people are 'talking about your brand'
Google Alerts
Schedule Posts
Post to all different platforms in one go
Receive all social media messages in one place
Sprout Social
Mailchimp (email marketing)
Facebook pages app
Buffer (schedule posts)
Bitly (track links)
Google Analytics
Measure in store
Online tracking
Analytics & Insights
Google Analytics
Conversation type
Measuring ROI
You're the brand
Some Stats
overtaken porn as number 1 activity on the web
Biggest shift since the industrial revolution
To reach 50 million users...
Radio - 38 Years
TV - 13 Years
Internet - 4 Years
Ipod - 3 years
Facebook - 200 million users in less than a year!
General Tips and Guidance
It's social media so be human and social!
Sign off messages ^LD - if you have multiple users on the account
Keep it appropriate - no one wants to see pictures from nights out
If you're a brand/company - set it up as a Facebook page not a person or group!
There is a limit on 5000 friends on Facebook and you don't get any stats
It is also against Facebook terms and conditions to be a person instead of a page
Groups are designed for small amounts of people to communicate in private
Don't be that guy!
Don't be the one who gets your company/club/personal account in trouble!
Be very careful with what you send out - avoid personal opinions and engage in conversation
As a rule I avoid political debates/controversial news stories/major headlines and voicing opinions on such events. Keep it simple.

You could be sent to jail for one tweet... beer is not an excuse judges take apparently
Think before you tweet
always ask yourself would
I want my parents or boss to see this...
stays on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and the rest...
If Facebook was a country it would
be the 3rd largest in the world
Fastest growing demographic is 55-65 year olds
50% of Facebook traffic is mobile
Everything you have online is your brand
including the photos from that night out...
Use yourself as the brand and PR yourself
Our current project and the development of a graduate
to use social media to gain her dream job
SM Wlboro
Thank you and
any questions!
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