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Turnitin User Event Philadelphia 2011

Presentation for the Turnitin User Event in Philadelphia on June 27, 2011.

Ray Huang

on 26 June 2011

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Transcript of Turnitin User Event Philadelphia 2011

Percent of users that say Turnitin saves them time compared to conventional methods.
Percent of users that say Turnitin helps me be a better instructor
Saves printer
paper and ink.
3 out of 4 Instructors agree that Turnitin helps students build better writing skills.
Prevents Plagiarism
Provides an Opportunity to
Discuss Academic Integrity
89% of OriginalityCheck users would recommend it to their colleagues.
71% of PeerMark users would recommend it to their colleagues.
77% of GradeMark users would recommend it to their colleagues.
89% of Users Would Support the
Renewal of Turnitin.
Where do you teach?

What subjects?

How Long Have You Used Turnitin?

Proficiency with Turnitin (1-5 Scale)

What is Your Favorite Thing About Turnitin?
Year in review
Where we are
What's to come
Year in Review

Turnitin2 released
New datacenters and major back-end improvements for speed, stability, security, and availability
Increased content coverage for better matches
Turnitin User Event

June 27, 2011
OriginalityCheck searches against:
14 billion pages of indexed web content
165 million student papers plus 200,000 new papers daily
110 million articles from periodicals, journals, and other content databases
To be the world's most innovative and effective technology for improving student’s written work
Provide insights into program performance and enable benchmarking across peer groups.
Provide a set of “most used” tools and resources to improve written work and student engagement in producing that work.
Deliver a solution to support the entire process for paperless written assignments in all study areas.
Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and the evaluation of written work.
What We Hear From Educators
Highest Priority Needs
To see clear impact from technology investments
Technology tools that save instructors time and improve effectiveness
Data and analytics to support program assessment and instructional improvement
Top Requests for Turnitin
Student-centered tools for learning
Better, faster insight into student learning progress and needs
Tools that help instructors be more productive
Support for written assignments across all disciplines, not just writing or English
Deeper and better integration with LMS/CMS
Support for mobile and tablet devices
A community for instructors and administrators to collaborate and share
spelling, style, grammar, plus help
translated originality checking
administrator tools
deeper lms/cms integrations
analytics for students, instructors, & institutions
collaboration for students, instructors, & institutions
advanced paperless grading for all courses, content and devices
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