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Stem Cell Research

No description

Lobke Rotteveel

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research
"The centerpiece of regenerative medicine"
What is a Stem Cell?
- Origin of all cells
- Capable of regeneration
Type Specific Stem Cells
- Neural Stem Cells
- Skin Stem Cells
- Hematopoietic (Blood Stem Cells)
General Stem Cells
- Fetal Stem Cells
- Embryonic
- Pleuripotent
Uses of Stem Cells
Cell therapy
Muscular degradation
Spinal cord injury
Heart disease
Artificially combining DNA to produce unique individuals
Organ and limb generation
Organs can be grown in "organ scaffolding"
Possible limb generation
Unethical: Embryonic stem cells
The research does not respect the value of human life
Embryonic cells are cells with a potential for life
Obtaining stem cells from an embryo involves killing of the developing embryo
Human life begins at conception

Ethical vs Unethical
Why should we consider ethics?

The ethical Debate
Why should this be supported ethically?
Many argue stem cell research is unethical because of the use of human embryos.

However, there is much more to it than that.

We must consider a number of factors.
When does human life begin?
Cell differentiation and coordination low until day 16.
Early embryos do not mirror human life.
Use of cells before this period does not harm human life.
The moral status of human beings
There is a person providing these cells to research.
It is their decision to donate embryonic cells to the cause.
May be through infertility treatment, frozen embryos that will be discarded anyway, and more.
Alternate Methods
Embryonic cells are no longer the only option.
Induced pluripotent cells are stem cells created from adult cells.
Provides a safe alternative to embryonic cells at conception.
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TriviA question 1
How many antigens must match between the donor and recipient for a transplant to be successful?

trivia question 2
What is the difference between embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells?
"Doomed Embryos"

In-Vitro Fertilization

Thousands discarded daily; is it not better to use them for research?

Stem Cell Transplants

Retrieval from donor
HLA Typing
Societal benefits vs. Suffering
Do embryos suffer?
Rejection of Transplanted Cells (GVHD)
Stem Cells Can be Harvested from:
Bone Marrow
Peripheral Blood
Umbilical Cords
What do we think?
Moral line?
How far is too far?
Side effects?
Why put another organism at a higher chance of health complications through their lifespan if it is not necessary?
May 15th, 2013
Oregon Health and Science University
Reprogrammed adult skin cells
--No destroyed embryos in process
Why stem cell research is unethical
why stem cell research is ethical
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