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Educational Opportunity Programs

No description

Abby Lopez

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Educational Opportunity Programs

Educational Opportunity Programs
EOP Community Consultants
Belinda Rubalcava
  Phone (831) 459-1818

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
  Phone (831) 459-2628

Programs & Services
EOP Planning Preparation
EOP believes it is important for you to develop a one or a two year plan for both:

New incoming Freshmen
New incoming Transfer Students

Learning Support Services
What Programs Does Learning Support Services Offer?

Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI)
Tutoring (for courses not supported with MSI)

Writing assistance both weekly and drop-in programs
(not Core)

Drop-in math tutoring

Small guided learning sections in Math 2 and 3

$$$ All services have no additional charge

EOP Advising Map
EOP Academic
College Preceptor/Adviser

Academic &
Personal Counseling
Academic Major Requirements

GE Advising &
Academic Monitoring

Counseling and Psychological Services
Individual, confidential counseling for all students

Groups and workshops

Let’s Talk program

Crisis services (business hours and after hours)

Psychiatric assessment and medication


Case management and referrals

Peer Adviser Leaders
Maintain a supportive system in all the colleges.

Answer general questions about gen ed requirements, classes.

Assist students in exploring a major

Provide Time Management Guidance

Refer students to other campus resources

AB540 Student Services
EOP serves as a home base of support and retention services for undocumented AB540 students.
Safe, confidential one-on-one advising sensitive to the needs and experiences of undocumented AB540 students.

 The Dreamer's Newsletter designed to distribute information about AB540-friendly scholarships and internships.

EOP Textbook Lending Library

Implemented in 2009

Assists students in obtaining required textbooks who due to cost, would not otherwise be able to purchase the books on their own.

Loans quarterly books, calculators, and I-clickers to students facing financial hardship after exhausting all forms of financial aid, including unsub & subsidized loans.

To Qualify:

Must be an EOP student

Must utilize an EOP service during the quarter (i.e. meet with an EOP counselor, PAL, or Graduate Information Assistant)

Must be in financial hardship and have exhausted all forms of financial aid (including subsidized and subsidized loans)

For more information contact the Lending Library Intern via email at eoplib@ucsc.edu or by phone (831)459-2296

EOP Pre-Graduate Programs
EOP Pre-Graduate program is designed to promote graduate and professional school interests and preparations.
What we offer...

1-on-1 peer mentoring
Connections to other campus resources
Workshops (exams, applications, letters of recommendation, etc.)
Exploring and navigating graduate school
Trips to graduate schools and events
Monthly e-newsletters to keep you updated on graduate school events, internships, scholarships, and deadlines

EOP Pathways
to Research Program
Self pace program targeting sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the social sciences and humanities who are interested in getting involved with research and pursuing a graduate degree

Meet with a Graduate Mentor in your area of study bi-weekly

Apply in the Fall quarter!!

GIP Fall Workshops
& Events

General graduate school application overview
How to write a great Statement of Purpose
How to ask for a Letter of Recommendation
How to write a personal statement
How to finance your grad/professional school
How to apply to law school; preparing a timeline
Required Exams – GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.
Pre-med school timeline and requirements
Physician Assistant (PA)Program- Stanford
UC-prime program – UCSF & UCB
And many more….

Northern California Forum for Diversity
in Graduate Education
Saturday October 26, 2013
Saint Mary’s College
8am- 4pm
Transportation is provided

Register online or at the EOP Office

EOP Study Time & Time Management
A minimum of 2 hours per class unit.

To achieve an A or a 4.0 GPA at a research institute most professors expect you to study anywhere from 47 to 59 hours per week
on average. The normal study ratio is 3:1 (3 hours of study time per (1) class unit)
17 units x 3 hours study (per 1) unit = 51 hours of study + 2 = 53 hours of study per week = A

17 units x 2 hours (per 1) unit = 34 hours of study + 2 = 36 hours of study per week = B


How is Learning Support Services going to assist you to achieve?

Interactive environment

Work with other students

Ask questions

Work with content

Communicate what you know

Modified Supplemental
-Specific challenging classes
each class has 3-6 interactive groups per week, announcements made in class
-Attend as many as you would like, weekly attendance is most beneficial.
-Sessions focus on homework, class topic, and questions

Data shows that students who use MSI pass classes at higher rates.
* If EOP students attend regularly they are more likely to earn the grades need to qualify for the major.

-Small Group (up to 5 students)
-Up to 2 hours per week per subject
-Meet weekly with the tutor for an hour
-Fall Quarter On-Line Sign-ups start October 8th at 10am 
-Can sign up until November 22th at 5pm 

If your class has MSI, you must go to MSI in order to also be eligible for tutoring
Writing Assistance
-Writing 20 (winter) and 21 (spring) Individual tutoring
-Writing 2 weekly individual tutoring via (OTSS)
-Writing Across the Disciplines: Weekly and drop-in tutoring

Academic Jobs
To be a tutor or MSI Learning Assistant
-Good academic standing
-B or better in the course 
-Cumm UCSC GPA 2.7
 -Get a recommendation from a professor
 Current rates are:
               $13.49 for individual tutoring
               $18.15 for group tutoring
Call us at (831) 459 – 4333
Visit our website: http://www2.ucsc.edu/lss/
Email: lss@ucsc.edu

Academic Excellence Program
ACE is a academic success program dedicated to increasing the diversity of students pursuing bachelors’ degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)

ACE provides a community
for students studying science
and math who strive for and
commit to academic excellence.

Lilly Pinedo- Gangai
EOP Academic Counselor

College 9/10

Bridge Coordinator

Maryam Fard

EOP STEM/Academic Counselor
Graduate Information Programs

Kresge, Porter, Crown,
STEM majors

Abdishakur Omar

EOP Academic Counselor

Oakes, Cowell, Stevenson

Bridge Program
Bridge assists a select group
of EOP students to make a smooth transition from high school to college and continues to provide academic support throughout their first year.

Peggy Rose

EOP Lead Academic Counselor

College 8

EOP is an ACADEMIC SUPPORT program designed to promote:



- Student INTEREST in and PREPARATION for graduate and/or professional

540% Slug Caucus - Peer Support.

Peer Mentoring through EOP Interns.
Assistance in applying to scholarships
Cash-flow planning for tuition payments and scholarships.
Assistance in securing professional internships and undergraduate research opportunities.
Are you interested in getting involved in research
and pursuing a graduate degree?

GIP Workshops & Events
GIP Fall Workshops and Events
Academic Excellence is Required
Some Majors have GPA requirements

ECON: GPA 2.8 (above a B-) in ECON 1 and 2

PSYC : GPA 2.7 (B-) in Psych 1 and Psych 2 (or AMS 5,7)

SOCY: GPA 3.0 in Socy 1,10, 15 ( in two of the courses)

Education Abroad (often GPA 3.0)

Paid Internships

Graduate and professional school

Collaborative discussion sections complement selected science and math course lectures.
Team learning is facilitated by professional instructors and student co-leaders and peer mentors.

Who's in ACE?
We encourage students who typically do not pursue math/science intensive
careers to participate in ACE and 87% of ACE students are nontraditional students.
Students may be:
• 1st generation
to graduate
• Underrepresented
in STEM careers

How Does ACE Work?
Pablo Reguerin
EOP Director
Ana Navarrete
EOP Academic Counselor Intern
Meet the EOP Full Time Staff!
Thank You!
The EOP Mission
Math 2/3 ProgramGoal is a B or Better
Math 2:
Academic coaches will be recommended
based on early assessment results

Math 3:
Twice a week sections, recommendations
based previously demonstrated math ability

What services do you plan to use this Fall?
MSI: Listen for in Class Announcements

Tutoring: Opens Oct 8th

Drop-in Writing Tutoring: M-Th 3-6 ARC

Drop-in Math Tutoring: T-Th 4-8 McHenry

Math 2 Academic Coach: E-mail

Twice a week Math 3 Section: E-mail
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