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Elements of Science Fiction

No description

Erin Palazzo

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Elements of Science Fiction

Science Fiction
Elements of Science Fiction
Realistic & Fantastic Details
Grounded in science
Usually set in the future
Unknown inventions
Makes a serious comment about the world
Often contains a warning for humankind
Possible Science Fiction Settings
Another planet
Under the oceans
Another dimension of existence
A utopia or dystopia
In the future
Time travel to the past or future
In the present, but alternate reality
Science Fiction Characters
Protagonist (hero)
Antagonist (villain)
Characters may be a being (human or other) or a force
Protagonist/Antagonist may be a society’s laws, a disease or other problem, technology, etc.
Creatures, aliens, robots, etc.
Science Is Important to the Story
Advanced technology
Special powers or senses as a result of science
Science can be the savior or the root of the problem
Science Fiction vs. Fantasy
Sci-Fi usually contains a message or warning, but fantasy is typically about the battle between good & evil

Sci-Fi needs to have the possibility of happening & needs to follow the basic laws of physics, whereas fantasy can ignore those “rules”
Ideas pulled from:
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