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Industrialism Inventions

History 400 7-10 Minute Lecture

Jess Fett

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Industrialism Inventions

1869 1890 1880 Transcontinental
Railroad 1867 1876 Typewriter Telephone Lightbulb Electricity* Thomas Alva Edison 1847-1931
Minimal education
First research lab

Patented 1,093 invetions Menlo Park Incandescent Lightbulb - 1879 Patented in 1880
Carbonized cotton thread filament heated
3000+ experiments to reach the patented design
Burned 15 hours Culmination of many inventors' works
By 1890 electricity ran a multitude of inventions
Allowed industry to relocate away from original power sources Thomas Edison + + George
Westinghouse Nikolas
Tesla Alexander Graham Bell 1847-1922
Scotland - Ontario - Boston
Interest in deaf people lead to the invention of the microphone "Electrical Speech Machine" 1876


1884 Invented telephone First exchange
New Haven, CT Long distance
Boston, MA to New York, NY Allowed world-wide communcation network Christopher Sholes 1819-1890
Political Figure Helped found Republican Party of Wisconsin
2 terms as senator
1 term on state assembly Typewriter 1867
1873 Poor marketing skills
Sold to Remington Arms Company Continued improving
1878 - Shift Key May 10, 1869 Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads met at Promontory, Utah. Created jobs
Allowed expansion away from cities
Increased industry growth Inventions of the Industrial Revolution
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