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Taylor Baum

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Apurina

Physical Environment They live in the forest. They are right by the river, and capture turtles and fish. They are right by the tributary system, since the non-indians have started coming. Where is this Culture located Apurina Tribe This tribe is located in Brazil, in South America Interaction with the environment They capture fish and turtles, they build their homes out of the surrounding land and trees. Originated This culture was founded and originated in 1870's There are no people associated with this tribe. This Tribe is scattered in South America, in Purus, Brazil. Basic Beliefs They have small "parties" and small songs turn into big gatherings, like going to church. They also believe in having dogs as pets, instead of other animals, that other tribes have as pets. political motivations There are no political motivations. Economic Activities The economic activities are discovering rubber making materials. There are no people associated with this tribe. Family beliefs Some beliefs are that strangers have to be welcomed with and great greeting. Foods Their foods are fish and turtles Literature Their language is Jamamadi. Arts And Music Their music is nocturnal
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